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5 Reasons To Keep In Mind When Commercial Diesel Generators Fail

May. 26, 2022

The failure of commercial diesel generators may be due to overheating, battery system failure, intake and exhaust valve debris, circuit breaker problems, lubricant contamination, etc. The following five reasons for failures will be analyzed by Starlight Power for you:


1. Overheating.

A cooling system failure can cause the generator to overheat, and cooling system failure can be caused by worn or damaged hoses and drive belts. Make sure to check them regularly to see if they are working well and set them to the ideal tension. You can also inspect the radiator core for dirt and debris, as well as corrosion that could clog parts. If you want to avoid overheating your system, monitor the coolant. Make sure it's clean and has the correct chemical balance.


Inadequate aftermarket cooling solutions are another cause of generator overheating. While generator sets are often equipped with cooling systems and cooling components, generator owners may not have adequate cooling systems to keep the generator cool.


2. The battery system is faulty.

Battery failure is one of the main causes of generator failure. To keep your battery performing at its best, you need routine maintenance. Cleaning and tightening its loose and dirty connections is a key factor in preventing battery errors. You can also investigate the circuit breaker on the charger.


Sulfate buildup can also cause system failure when lead sulfate builds up on battery plates. When the battery accumulates, the battery cannot deliver the correct current and the battery needs to be replaced. Low electrolytes can also cause battery damage.


Another reason is that the open battery needs to be replaced, but this problem is not common. Open battery is caused by system overcurrent. If the charger circuit breaker trips or opens due to human error, the battery will fail.


Do you know the battery life? It's important to know this so you can replace it before it breaks. About 80% of the energy is only available at the end of the battery's shelf life.


generator set

3. Intake and exhaust valve debris.

Problems found in the valves and exhaust valves are found to affect the engine of the generator. Make sure to observe both valves regularly at the start of the operation and afterward. Valves that are not properly adjusted can be damaged. Debris in parts can also damage critical components of the engine, which can lead to extensive maintenance that can cost more than expected.


4. The circuit breaker problem.

You need to ensure that the breaker trip settings match the load on the generator system as a regular maintenance and inspection. Adjust for each load change. For example, when a new piece of equipment is installed, the current in the system can trip the circuit breaker without being properly adjusted. If the circuit trips for a different reason, identify the problem before resetting. In any case, keep the circuit breaker regularly maintained.


5. The lubricant is contaminated.

Lubricating oil is an important part of keeping an engine running. However, it has a short lifespan. To maintain system health, change the lubricating oil, fuel filter, and engine oil filter annually. Since backup generators typically cannot run for more than a few hours at a time, they are susceptible to moisture and acidic contaminants that build up on the engine.


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