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300KW Ricardo Diesel Generator Transistor Voltage Regulator

Sep. 29, 2022

300KW Ricardo diesel generator transistor voltage regulator is a widely used silicon rectifier generator voltage regulator. It has the advantages of high regulation accuracy, light weight, long life, high reliability and high sensitivity. The following is a description of its working principle by the starlight power generation equipment.

Ricardo engine generator

The silicon rectifier generator is driven by a diesel engine, and the rotational speed varies within a wide range with the rotational speed of the diesel engine. The high speed of the diesel generator, the high voltage it sends out; the low speed, the low voltage it sends out, in order to maintain the basic stability of the terminal voltage of the diesel generator, a voltage regulator must be set.

The 300KW Ricardo diesel generator transistor voltage regulator mainly uses the switching characteristics of the transistor to turn on and off the transistor with a voltage regulator, that is, the switching circuit of the transistor is used to control the excitation current of the charging diesel generator to achieve stable charging of diesel The output voltage of the generator. The figure below is the circuit principle of the JFT207A transistor regulator matched with the JF1000N alternator used on the 12V135 diesel engine. Its working process is as follows:

When the output voltage of the diesel generator exceeds the specified value due to the increase of the speed, the voltage-stabilizing tube VZ in the voltage-sensitive circuit breaks down, the front-stage transistor VT1 of the switching circuit is turned on, and the transistors VT2 and VT3 formed by the composite of the latter stage are turned off. , which cuts off the generator magnetic field current as the VT3 load, so that the output voltage of the diesel generator decreases accordingly. When the output voltage drops, the VZ that is in the breakdown state is turned off. At the same time, VT1 is also turned off due to the loss of base current, VT2 and VT3 are turned on again, and the magnetic field current of the diesel generator is turned on to make the output voltage of the diesel generator rise again. . This is repeated until the regulator is used to control and stabilize the output voltage of the diesel generator. Other components in the circuit play the role of stabilization, compensation and protection respectively to improve the performance and reliability of the regulator.

Jiangsu Starlight Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. warmly reminds users here: 300KW Ricardo diesel generator transistor voltage regulator must be installed vertically, and its binding post should be downward, so that the installation can achieve anti-drip effect. The wiring should be correct and reliable, and the insulation should be intact, otherwise the voltage regulator will burn out. Non-professional maintenance personnel should not open the regulator cover casually. If there is any abnormality, they should immediately call for repairs, and professional maintenance personnel will come to solve the problem.

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