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3 Main Reasons for Oil Color Blackening of Silent Generator Set

Mar. 02, 2023

Excellent quality and reliable performance are the characteristics of silent generator sets, in which the grade and quality of oil play an important role. However, Starlight recently received a customer's report that the engine oil had blackened to varying degrees before the replacement period. Why? Starlight power generation equipment tells you that there are three reasons for the oil color of silent generator set to turn black:

silent type generator.jpg

First, the fuel of the silent generator set is not completely burned, and the piston, piston ring and cylinder block are excessively worn, and the seal is not tight. If the fuel combustion is incomplete, the exhaust gas entering the lubricating oil tank will make the lubricating oil black and thick quickly.

Second, the lubricating oil tank and oil passage were not cleaned during oil change. If it is not cleaned, its residue will pollute the new oil and cause the oil to turn black.

Third, the lubricating oil level does not meet the use requirements. High temperature, high speed and high load engines should use high-grade lubricating oil with good oxidation stability and good additive quality. The use of oil with poor quality will quickly deepen the oil color and darken.

If the oil of the silent generator set turns black before the replacement period, you need to pay attention to it, find out the cause in time and take measures to solve it, which is crucial for the normal operation of the silent generator set. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved during use, please contact Starlight's technicians in time, and do not handle them at will.

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