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3 Diagnostic Tools Help Users Easily Diagnose Yuchai Generator Set Faults

May. 23, 2022

When there is a problem with the power supply system, professional technicians and project engineers use a variety of electrical equipment or electronic device diagnosis tools to solve common faults anytime, anywhere. Caliper ammeters, multimeters and megohmmeters are the most frequently used special tools for fault detection in Yuchai generator sets. To get a better grasp of this electrical machine, share some basic information about multimeters, caliper ammeters, and multimeters.



A universal meter is a testing instrument that can detect various electrical equipment characteristics of Yuchai generator sets, such as working voltage, resistance and current. It is also one of the most frequently used tools and equipment for power system professionals and project engineers.


This type of equipment is usually used to check the open circuit, short circuit fault and grounding device of the control circuit. Today, the multimeter has become a multipurpose data electronics inspection tool.


It can be used to accurately measure working voltage, ohms and volts when applying general-purpose watt-hour meters to solve common faults in generator sets. There are some good general-purpose watt-hour meters that can even load other readings, such as operating frequency and capacitors.


Yuchai generator set

Clamp Ammeter.

A caliper ammeter, also known as a clamp ammeter, is a device that uses a wide shaft to clamp outside an electrical conductor to give accurate measurements to non-contact switches. It can accurately measure resistance, capacitor continuity, capacitor and operating voltage. Caliper ammeters and multimeters have improved a lot over the past two years. Today's ammeters can reliably make a wide variety of precise measurements.


Caliper-type ammeters are usually used in industrial equipment, industrial control systems, and power supply systems. It is usually used for Yuchai generator set maintenance, assembly problems, power circuit testing, and regular inspection and maintenance of electromechanical engineering systems.



An ohmmeter is used to accurately measure earth resistance. It is often called an insulation resistance tester. It is often used by professional technical and project engineers because they have come up with a relatively simple and convenient way to distinguish the insulation layer of generator sets and motor solenoid coils.


As a special tool for diagnosis, the megohmmeter transmits high voltage and low amperage according to the cable or solenoid coil. The general standard is that insulation materials with readings in excess of megohms are considered acceptable. If it turns out that the motor stator winding insulation is invalid or damaged, the alternator must be replaced, or the generator set must be repaired, reassembled or disassembled.


Caliper ammeters, multimeters and megohmmeters are the most basic special tools to clear Yuchai generator sets and mechanical and electrical engineering system abnormalities. When there is a sudden problem with the generator set, this kind of equipment is very convenient. They are also dedicated tools for routine maintenance of equipment. To ensure comprehensive overhaul and repair of diesel generators, it is best to consult a project engineer with extensive expertise and skills.


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