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Yuchai Diesel Generator Automatic Air Switch Tripped

Jun. 09, 2023

The main equipment and instruments of Yuchai diesel generator control panel include automatic air switch, Voltage transformer and current transformer. The automatic air switch is suitable for AC 50Hz and below, or DC 220V and less frequent on/off lines, with overload and short circuit protection functions.

Yuchai diesel generator

When automatic air switch is selected for Yuchai diesel generator, the rated current of Yuchai diesel generator trip device is correctly selected. If the type of automatic air switch for Yuchai diesel generator is DZ10-100, its main contact can pass 100A rated current for a long time. When the Yuchai diesel generator is 30kw and the rated current of the stator is 54.1a, the trip device with the rated current of 60a shall be selected. The trip device shall be as close to the rated current of the stator as possible and slightly greater than the rated current of the stator.

If the selected current is too high to 80A, if the Yuchai diesel generator is overloaded for a long time and the heat release does not work, the automatic air switch will not play an overload protection role. If 40A is selected, the rated operation of Yuchai diesel generator is about 1 hour, and the tripping device will operate, which will cause the automatic air switch of Yuchai diesel generator to trip, leading to power failure.

According to the short-circuit calculation results of Yuchai diesel generator, the rated current of instantaneous action and rated current of instantaneous action are correctly selected. The setting value of Yuchai diesel generator should preferably be set by the switch factory, and requirements must be submitted to the manufacturer when ordering. Otherwise, the maximum value is usually set at the time of delivery. Generally, the instantaneous rated current of the automatic air switch of Yuchai diesel generator purchased by our shop cannot meet the requirements, and short circuit protection device is added if necessary.

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