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Working Principle of Plunger Oil Pump of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 08, 2022

Many customers do not know much about the plunger oil pump, an important part of diesel generator sets, and it plays a very important role in the entire operation of diesel generator sets. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce the working principle of the plunger oil pump of the diesel generator set:

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1. Oil feeding process. When the camshaft of the fuel injection pump is rotated by the kinetic energy of the crankshaft, if the convex part of the cam has not been in contact with the roller, the plunger is at the lowermost position under the action of the plunger spring 8. At this time, diesel oil flows into the plunger sleeve above the plunger from the low-pressure oil chamber through the oil inlet hole.

2. Oil pressure and oil supply process. As the convex part of the cam is in contact with the roller, the plunger starts to move upward until the upper end face of the plunger completely covers the oil inlet hole, and the upper part of the plunger becomes a closed space. As the plunger continues to rise, the pressure of the diesel fuel is rapidly increased by the compressed oil. When the oil pressure reaches a certain value, the oil outlet valve on the upper part of the plunger is pushed open, and the high-pressure diesel oil flows to the injector through the high-pressure oil pipe. When the plunger continues upward, the fuel injection pump continues to supply fuel.

3. Stop the oil supply process. When the plunger goes up to the upper edge of the chute and the lower edge of the oil return hole is connected, the oil supply process ends, and then the oil return hole communicates with the chute, and the high-pressure oil on the upper part of the plunger passes through the oil hole in the center of the plunger And the radial hole in the chute flows into the low pressure oil cavity, the diesel pressure decreases rapidly, the oil outlet valve falls into the oil outlet valve seat under the action of the oil outlet net spring 2, and the fuel injection stops supplying oil to the injector. When the highest point of the cam crosses the roller, the plunger gradually falls under the action of the plunger spring 8 with the rotation of the cam. When the upper end of the plunger is lower than the oil inlet hole, the diesel oil begins to flow into the sleeve again.

The distance from the start of oil supply to the stop of oil supply of the plunger is called the effective oil pressure stroke, or effective stroke for short. Obviously, changing the effective oil pressure stroke also changes the oil supply. It can be known from the working process of the oil pump: every time the camshaft of the fuel injection pump rotates, the oil pump mechanism can supply fuel to the combustion chamber once through the fuel injector.

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