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Working Principle Of Four Stroke Diesel Engine Of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 19, 2023

With the development of society, diesel generator sets as emergency standby power supply are more and more popular. Let's look at the working principle of diesel generator.


1、 Intake stroke.

The starter is energized to drive the crankshaft to rotate. The rotation of the crankshaft causes the piston to move from top to bottom. At this time, the exhaust valve is closed, the intake valve is opened, and fresh air enters the cylinder and combustion chamber.


2、 Compression stroke.

The piston moves upward from the bottom dead center. At this time, the inlet and exhaust valves are closed, and the air in the cylinder is compressed by the piston. The pressure increases, and the temperature also increases.


3、 Work stroke.

When the piston is compressed to the top dead center, the fuel injector injects atomized diesel into the combustion chamber. The oil mist is fully mixed with the compressed air to form high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and starts to ignite and burn by itself. The mixture expands to work, pushing the piston to move downward, thus pushing the crankshaft to rotate and outputting work to the outside.


diesel generator

4、 Exhaust stroke.

The piston moves upward from the bottom dead center. At this time, the intake valve closes and the exhaust valve opens. The combustion exhaust gas is pushed out of the combustion chamber by the piston to complete a working stroke. At this time, the crankshaft rotates for two weeks.


After the diesel engine completes the exhaust stroke, under the inertial force of the crankshaft flywheel assembly, the above work cycle process is repeated to make the diesel generator continuously operate and output power.


The fuel and air are mixed and then burned inside the machine to generate heat energy, which is then converted into mechanical energy. Take a single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine as an example. The four strokes are divided into four strokes: power stroke, compression stroke, exhaust stroke and intake stroke.


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