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Working principle of Air Fuel Ratio Controller for Quiet generator set

Feb. 07, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the working principle of the air-fuel ratio controller of the low-noise generator set.

After the diesel engine of the generator set is pressurized, the fuel supply volume of the fuel injection pump increases, which makes the air volume entering the cylinder can not keep up with the rapid increase of the fuel volume at low speed, high load or acceleration conditions, resulting in incomplete combustion and easy to produce black smoke.

low noise generator

In recent years, a new type of air-fuel ratio controller has been adopted for low-noise generator sets, which can supply oil reasonably according to the amount of air entering the cylinder at any time, instead of the early vacuum air-fuel ratio controller controlled by the way of fuel switching-off and residual oil diversion. The air-fuel ratio controller is installed between the throttle valve and the cut-off valve in the PT pump. In the PTG-AFC fuel pump, after leaving the throttle valve, the fuel passes through the AFC device and then reaches the fuel cut-off valve on the top of the pump body.

The structure and working principle of AFC. The fuel flows out of the governor and enters the AFC after passing through the throttle valve. When there is no air pressure supplied by the turbocharger, the plunger is at the upper end position, which closes the main fuel circulation circuit. When there is no inflation, the regulating valve is directly installed in the second path controlled by the throttle valve position to supply fuel. When there is no inflation, the regulating valve is directly installed on the upper side of the throttle valve shaft in the throttle valve cover plate.

When the inlet manifold pressure of the generator set increases or decreases, the AFC plunger acts to make the fuel supplied by it increase or decrease proportionally. When the pressure increases, the plunger decreases, the gap between the plunger and plunger increases, and the fuel flow increases. On the contrary, when the pressure decreases, the plunger gap decreases and the fuel flow decreases. This prevents the fuel-air mixture from becoming too rich and causing excessive black smoke in the exhaust. The position of the AFC plunger is determined by the interaction of the intake manifold air pressure acting on the piston and diaphragm and the proportionally moving spring.

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