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Why The Volvo Diesel Generator Speeding?

Aug. 24, 2021

Sudden failures of Volvo diesel generators occur when the strength of the parts is lower than the external load. In the initial working stage of the part, the strength change is small. When the external load suddenly exceeds the strength of the part, a sudden failure will occur. This sudden failure occurs accidentally under the unexpected peak of the external load. For example, the connecting rod bolts are broken and the tappets fall off due to the running of the diesel engine.

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Volvo diesel generator speeding, commonly known as "speed", this is a special malfunction of diesel engines. It will not only cause serious damage to auto parts, but also may endanger personal safety.


1. Failure phenomenon

Under normal operation, the engine speed of Volvo diesel generator suddenly increased, so that it exceeded the rated speed and turned out of control, and made a huge roar, and a lot of black smoke or blue smoke came out of the exhaust pipe. When the exhaust gas turbocharger is running at high speed, the turboshaft suddenly breaks, resulting in a series of failures such as impeller deformation, sealing ring damage, and leakage of the turbocharger lubricating oil, which in turn causes the Volvo diesel generator diesel engine to supply the exhaust turbocharger The lubricating oil enters the combustion chamber together with the air to burn, causing the diesel engine to "speed" and the exhaust pipe to emit a lot of blue smoke.

2. The cause of the failure

The root cause of diesel engine overspeed is that Volvo diesel generator loses or changes the speed regulation characteristics. The failure of the fuel injection pump and governor, such as the jam or looseness of related parts, will cause excessive fuel supply and lose the normal speed regulation characteristics; while the additional diesel or engine oil in the combustion chamber will change the speed regulation characteristics of the diesel engine. The main reasons for the instability of the diesel engine speed are: a. The oil supply rack is blocked; b. The connecting pin and pin hole of the internal lever system of the governor, the fly hammer assembly, etc. are worn and loose, which increases the free stroke and adjusts. Sensitivity is decreased; c. Various speed control springs inside the governor are stuck, broken, improperly adjusted or softened due to long-term fatigue; d. Insufficient lubricating oil, deterioration or too dirty, increasing the movement resistance of the governor components And reduce the action sensitivity.

Failure of Volvo diesel generator fuel injection pump and governor:

(1) During maintenance and assembly, the plunger of the fuel injection pump, the delivery valve seat, the deformation of the plunger sleeve, the foreign matter entering the gap of the plunger pair, the gasket on the plunger sleeve positioning bolt is too thin, or the bolts are too thick. If the plunger sleeve is too long to die during assembly, it will cause the plunger of the fuel injection pump to rotate improperly or be stuck at the maximum fuel supply position.

(2) The oil volume adjustment gear ring fixing screw of the plunger of the fuel injection pump is loose, causing the plunger to lose control.

The cam chamber and governor of the fuel injection pump that need lubricating oil should be filled with lubricating oil that meets the standard, and the oil level should be checked frequently. The lubricating oil should be replaced after a new machine or a new pump is commissioned. The amount of lubricating oil should be moderate when filling, too little lubrication is unreliable, too much may cause the rotation resistance of the centrifugal element of the governor to increase, and reduce the sensitivity of the governor.

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