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What Preparations Need To Be Made Before Installing A Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 17, 2023

The performance, lifespan, and reliability of diesel generator sets are not only related to factors such as unit design, manufacturing, and selection, but also largely dependent on whether the units are installed as required, whether the use methods are correct, whether they are implemented in accordance with rules and regulations, whether failures are promptly handled, and whether daily maintenance is performed. It can be said that correct installation, use, and maintenance are the most critical steps to ensure the performance, service life, and reliability of the unit.


Diesel generator sets are high-speed rotating equipment that must be installed correctly before use and operation to ensure safe, reliable, economical, and reasonable normal operation of the units. Therefore, sufficient attention should be paid during installation.


(1) Handling and storage of the unit: The unit and other electrical equipment are generally packaged in boxes. During handling, attention should be paid to tying the lifting steel rope to the appropriate part of the machine, and lifting and handling with care. When lifting the unit for installation, first connect the protruding lifting points on the underframe, and then check whether they are securely fastened, whether there are cracks at the welding points, whether the screws are tightened, and so on. In addition, it is best to use a crossbar for lifting to prevent the machine from being damaged. The lifting point should be at the center of gravity (close to the engine) rather than the center of the entire machine, so that it can be lifted vertically. Once the machine is off the ground, guide ropes should be used to prevent fine twisting of the pin wires or swinging of the machine. When placing the machine down, it should be placed on a flat place that can bear the weight of the generator. If lifting the generator, a single point suspension device should be installed, and standard machines with a canopy already have a single point suspension device.


When the unit is transported to the destination, it should be stored in the warehouse if necessary. If there is no warehouse to store in the open air, the box should be padded to prevent rain erosion. The box should be covered with rainproof tarpaulin to prevent damage to the equipment due to sunlight and rain.


Due to the large mass and volume of diesel generator sets, the handling route should be considered in advance before installation, and appropriate handling openings should be reserved in the machine room. If the doors and windows are not large enough, large handling holes can be reserved at the positions of the doors and windows. After the group moves, the brick wall can be repaired and the doors and windows installed.


Diesel generator set

(2) Unpacking inspection: Before unpacking, clean the dust and dirt on the box, check whether the box is damaged, and verify the box number and quantity. Be careful not to damage the machine parts when unpacking. The unpacking sequence generally starts from the top plate, and after the top plate is opened, it is necessary to see if it belongs to the machine that is ready to be lifted out. Then, remove other box boards. If it is difficult to remove the top plate, select a suitable location to remove several box boards. After observing clearly, open the box. After unpacking, the following work should be done well.


(3) Marking and positioning: According to the relationship dimensions between each unit and the center of the wall or column, and between units, as indicated in the layout plan, delineate the vertical and horizontal reference lines of the unit installation location. The allowable deviation between the unit center and the wall and column is 20mm, and the allowable deviation between the unit and the unit is 10mm.


(4) Understand the design content, prepare construction materials and inspection equipment, understand the design content, understand the construction drawings, and refer to the instructions. Prepare materials according to the materials required on the design drawing, and then deliver the materials to the site according to the sequence of the construction organization plan. If there are no design drawings, the size and location of the civil engineering plan should be determined based on the equipment specification, according to the purpose and installation requirements of the equipment, while taking into account the water source, power supply, maintenance, and use conditions, and the unit layout plan should be drawn.


(5) Prepare lifting equipment and installation tools.


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