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What is The Wear of Generator Floating Bearing?

Jan. 06, 2023

The abrasion of the floating bearing of the generator is one of the most common faults that cause oil leakage of the supercharger. After such failure, the clearance between bearings and shafts is too large, the oil film is unstable, the bearing capacity is reduced, and the vibration of rotor shafting is intensified, which destroys the dynamic balance. The excessive rotation radius will damage the seals at both ends, and the whole supercharger may be damaged in serious cases.

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The supercharger oil is not used according to the instructions: after the generator is supercharged, its thermal load and mechanical load increase significantly, and the working temperature is very high, which makes the oil temperature increase, viscosity decrease, and bearing capacity decrease. The speed of the supercharger is nearly 40 times higher than the speed of the generator, and the temperature at the bearing of the supercharger is far higher than the temperature at the crankshaft of the generator. Therefore, the supercharger oil must be used correctly according to the instructions in the manual.

The cleanliness of generator oil is too poor: as mentioned above, too much impurities in the oil will accelerate the wear of bearings and shafts. During maintenance, it is often found that the oil in the oil pan of the generator turns black, thin, or even black mud. If such oil continues to be used, there is no doubt that the bearings will be scrapped due to wear in a short time.

Dry grinding without oil: the oil of supercharger comes from the generator oil pump, If the oil valve enterprise ">pump works abnormally, which causes insufficient oil supply or low oil pressure, as well as insufficient oil supply due to deformation, blockage, cracks and other phenomena in the oil inlet pipeline, the supercharger bearing and shaft can be damaged due to poor lubrication. During maintenance, it is often found that some bearings and shafts have obvious dry friction marks, and in serious cases, the phenomenon of burning into blue can be seen. Therefore, the oil inlet pipeline should be checked frequently, and problems should be eliminated in time.

The inlet pressure of supercharger oil shall be greater than 0.2MPa to ensure the oil supply and normal lubrication of rotating parts such as bearings. In addition, when checking the supercharger rotor, if the axial clearance is too large, it indicates that the thrust bearing is excessively worn; if the radial clearance is too large, it indicates that the floating bearing is excessively worn.

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