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What is The Transmission Mechanism of Volvo Generator?

Feb. 01, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the problem of what is the transmission mechanism of Volvo generator.

Intake pipe and intake duct Volvo generator intake pipe: The function of intake pipe and intake duct is to provide sufficient fresh air to the standby cylinder according to the working order of each cylinder of Volvo generator. The intake pipe is generally made of cast iron or aluminum alloy. The intake pipe and exhaust pipe are generally located on both sides of the cylinder head respectively. If assembled on one side, the high temperature of the exhaust pipe will be transmitted to the intake pipe, resulting in a reduction in the density of the air entering the cylinder and affecting the intake volume. At the same time, in order to reduce the flow resistance of the air, the inner wall of the intake pipe should be generally made flat and smooth.

volvo genset

The function of the mechanism is to transmit a part of the power output from the female to the camshaft timing gear, the high-pressure oil pump gear and the oil pump gear through the emotional gear, which are linked with the driving gear on the crankshaft at a certain speed ratio or maintain a certain phase relationship, so as to ensure the normal operation and power output of the Volvo generator.

The timing gear generally adopts helical gear, which aims to ensure smooth operation and low noise during gear transmission. In order to reduce the wear between gears, various gears are usually made of different materials. The driving gear is generally made of steel, and the output shaft timing gear is generally made of cast iron. There are certain technical requirements for the clearance between various gears. Excessive clearance will cause impact noise between gears and affect the normal gas distribution of Volvo generators. All kinds of gears in the gear box are marked on each strand, and should be installed according to the marks carved during assembly, otherwise, the Volvo genset will not start normally.

The Volvo generator of diesel generator set will have some normal or abnormal faults during the long-term operation or due to the looseness of individual gear fixing nuts. The damage between gears includes gear tooth wear, individual tooth damage on the gear, etc. The inspection methods for wear between gears include feeler gauge measurement and lead pressing method. In general, check with feeler gauge every 120. Measure at three positions of the angle, and then take their average value. If the measured backlash exceeds 0.45, adjust or replace a new gear of the same model. After the individual teeth on the gear are damaged, they can be repaired or replaced with new gears of the same model by surfacing welding.

The function of the intake and exhaust system is to ensure that all cylinders of Volvo generator receive sufficient fresh air during operation and exhaust the exhaust gas formed after combustion in the combustion chamber. The intake and exhaust system is mainly composed of air filter, intake pipe, cylinder head inlet, exhaust pipe, cylinder head exhaust and muffler. In addition, in order to improve the output power of Volvo generators, supercharged Volvo generators are also equipped with superchargers, and the advanced supercharging system is also equipped with intermediate shock absorbers.

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