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What is An Emergency Power Load Diesel Generator Set?

May. 25, 2022

What is the type of emergency power load diesel generator set? Now many modern large-scale industrial enterprises and civil construction projects, such as certain chemical plants, nuclear power plants, satellite launch measurement and control bases, airports, hospitals, high-quality hotels, high-rise apartment office buildings, financial, trade and financial buildings, important scientific research buildings, libraries, archives , large stadiums, etc., once a power outage occurs, it will cause serious chaos in the production process, equipment damage, economic losses, and even personal casualties. Especially in some emergency situations, such as earthquakes, fires, rocket launches, and aircraft take-offs and landings, the power supply needs to continue to extend the power supply time of one end. In order to stop according to production procedures, complete important measurement and control, evacuate people or put out fires, etc. Therefore, these enterprises or buildings have their own emergency diesel power stations or gas turbine power stations. The emergency power station mainly supplies the power load that allows instant power outage after an accidental power outage, and hopes to quickly restore the power supply for an extended period of time, called the primary load. Equipment, instruments and computer systems that have strict requirements on the time of power failure should be provided with batteries or powered by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

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The emergency power loads of general industrial enterprises and civil construction projects generally have the following types: safety shutdown equipment. Devices belonging to this type have AC electric valves specially designed for handling accidents, including closing electric valves for liquids and gases that are toxic or radioactive pollution hazards, or opening electric valves for venting flammable and explosive gases. Due to the requirements of the process flow, equipment that is expected to continue to run for a certain period of time when it is shut down, such as motors for heat dissipation or stirring. When the factory has large turbines, they have AC auxiliary equipment such as lubricating oil pumps, sealed oil pumps, and electric cranks. Fire-fighting equipment, such as fire hydrant pumps, spray pumps, smoke exhaust machines, pressurized fans, electric valves for preventing and exhausting smoke, rolling shutter doors, fire elevators, fire alarm devices, etc.

Electrical equipment for security and management systems and communication systems. Traffic accident lighting, evacuation sign lighting, aviation obstruction lights. Electric loads that must be guaranteed in life, such as elevators, drinking water pumps, domestic water supply, drainage pumps, etc. In order to play the role of the emergency power station, some factories usually use the emergency power station to supply the lighting and air-conditioning electricity for restaurants, shopping malls, multi-functional halls, conference halls, etc. with high economic benefits, so as to improve the economic benefits of the emergency power station.

The work of the emergency power station has two characteristics: the first is for emergency use, and the continuous work time is not long, generally only a few hours of continuous operation, no more than 12 hours at most; the second is for backup, the emergency diesel generator set is usually in Shut down and wait for the emergency start state. Only when the main power supply fails and the power is cut off, the emergency generator set will start to run to supply the emergency power load. When the main power supply returns to normal, the switchover stops immediately.

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