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What is an Automatic Diesel Generator Set?

Aug. 22, 2023

What are the advantages of fully automatic diesel generator sets worth noting? In daily consultation with diesel generator sets, it is required to be unmanned and the entire equipment is fully automated. There are quite a few customers who have the opportunity to analyze in detail this time. What can be called a fully automatic diesel generator set? Firstly, it automatically starts and switches power supply. When the mains power is interrupted, the mains power switching circuit immediately cuts off the mains power supply circuit. At the same time, the mains power monitoring circuit uses a self starting controller to operate the starting motor, thereby starting the diesel generator set.

genset generator

After successful startup, under the control of the control module, the diesel generator set operates at the rated speed. At this point, under the action of the automatic voltage regulator, the diesel generator set outputs the rated voltage. Then, the power generation switching circuit is connected, and the diesel generator set begins to supply power to the load. Secondly, after the mains power is restored, it automatically shuts down. After the mains power is restored, under the action of the mains power monitoring circuit, the diesel engine power supply circuit is first cut off, and then the mains power switching circuit is put into operation, and the load is powered by the mains power.

At the same time, the self starting controller activates the shutdown electromagnet to control the throttle of the diesel generator set. The diesel generator set first runs at low speed and then automatically stops. Of course, if an emergency occurs during the operation of the diesel generator set, such as when the oil pressure of the lubricating oil is lower than the specified value or when the speed of the diesel generator set exceeds the rated speed, the control module will also automatically stop and alarm, and the diesel generator set will stop running. The above are the three essential elements that a complete set of fully automated diesel generator sets must possess. In fact, the entire set of equipment for fully automated diesel generator sets is not complex.

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