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Usage Index of Cummins Diesel Generator Lubricating Oil

Nov. 14, 2022

State viscosity is used to measure the internal friction of Cummins diesel generator liquid when flowing under a certain shear stress, and its value is the ratio of the shear stress of the flowing liquid to the shear speed. The product of the capillary constant of the kinematic viscometer and the flow time is the kinematic viscosity of the liquid measured at this temperature. When the lubricating oil is heated with the flash point, the oil gas concentration increases with the increase of the oil temperature. When the oil and gas content of Cummins diesel generator reaches the combustible concentration, it is close to the flame and the minimum temperature appears when flashing.

cummins 600kw diesel generator

When checking the service index of Cummins diesel generator lubricating oil, it is used as the reference data to judge the fuel dilution of Cummins diesel generator. The lowest temperature at which the inclined point sample flows when cooling under specified conditions, foam tendency/foam stability, foaming for five minutes, foam volume/standing for 1 minute, foam volume. The less foam you need, the better. Under the specified test conditions, the coke black residue formed by thermal evaporation of carbon residue petroleum products and the remaining incombustible substances of ash oil after burning under the specified conditions of Cummins diesel generator.

The coke with less ash deposition is soft, while the coke with more ash deposition is easy to form dense and hard coke of Cummins diesel generator, which is not conducive to normal lubrication. Acid value is the milligram of potassium hydroxide required for acidic substances in 1g oil, and is the total acid value of organic acids and inorganic acids in the oil. It is one of the signs of oxidative deterioration of petroleum products. When the organic acid of Cummins diesel generator interacts with metal, it will form metal tension or soap liquid, accelerate the aging of oil products, and reduce the demulsibility of Cummins diesel generator oil products.

After oxidation, the amount of oil released increases significantly. The high temperature of contact between the piston and piston ring of Cummins diesel generator will form coke and rubber film, which will cause the piston ring of Cummins diesel generator to lose its elasticity, seriously affecting the operation of Cummins diesel generator. The sediment will block the filter and oil pipeline, affecting the normal oil supply. When changing the oil of Cummins diesel generator, the oxidized and deteriorated oil must be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise a small amount of old oil mixed with new oil will greatly reduce the oxidation stability of Cummins diesel generator oil.

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