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Troubleshooting Method of Diesel Generator Set Drive Mechanism

Jun. 13, 2022

When the diesel engine of the diesel generator set is started, the action sound of the electromagnetic switch and the high-speed rotation of the transmission gear can be heard, but the flywheel of the diesel engine does not rotate. This failure is usually caused by the drive gear and flywheel ring gear not meshing or the starter drive gear slipping. Starlight power generation equipment will introduce the troubleshooting method of the diesel generator set drive mechanism:

diesel engine generator

1. When the maintenance personnel or operators encounter this kind of fault, they should start the generator set several times. If the fault cannot be eliminated, use a flat screwdriver to adjust the adjusting screw at the lower left end of the electromagnetic switch of the starter, so that the driving gear and the flywheel tooth are connected. The circle gnaws together. If the fault is not eliminated after the above adjustment, the starter should be disassembled and the flywheel ring gear should be removed. Check the drive gear and other parts inside the starter.

2. When the operator checks, if it is found that the quality of the starter drive gear and the flywheel ring gear are in good condition, but the two cannot be gnawed together when starting, the starter still idling and there is a metal collision sound, the operator should start machine to decompose. If it is found after disassembly that the distance between the two bumps on the shift fork is too large and the drive mechanism is moved in place, it should be pressed to reduce the distance between the two bumps. If the bump is severely worn or the bump on one side is damaged, it can be treated by welding repair.

3. If the operator finds that the fork distance is appropriate after inspection. The driving gear can be engaged with the flywheel ring gear again, but when the starter is still idling at high speed, the operator should hold the armature with one hand and turn the driving gear with the other. If it can rotate clockwise but cannot rotate counterclockwise, it means that the drive mechanism works well; if it can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, it means that the drive mechanism is damaged and should be replaced with a new one.

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