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Treatment of Three Faults of Diesel Engine Fuel Injection Pump

Mar. 07, 2023

Today, we will introduce three troubleshooting methods for diesel fuel injection pump.

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(1) It is caused by the wear of the injection fuel pump of petroleum diesel.

This failure performance resulted in a significant increase in oil, and associated with the smell of diesel, coupled with the oil price from a serious mouth or exhaust. For piston pump, there are only two channels for diesel oil to enter the oil; Diesel oil directly enters the lubricating oil body in the next room to check the roller pump at the side of the fuel pump; The plunger of the fuel pump barrel is worn and overspended, resulting in leakage in the cylinder. The internal leakage of diesel fuel will flow into the lubricant.

The solution is to open the side cover of the fuel injection pump and start the diesel engine. If diesel oil leaks in the plunger cylinder, it indicates that the cylinder piston is worn and overspent. The plunger should be replaced and sprayed on the calibration pump test bench. Remove the pump oil of the hand pump. If the fuel pump wheel goes through the entry formalities at the diesel smoke side, it can prove that the fuel pump is faulty. You can also delete the fuel pump and connecting pipe, tighten the hand pump, block the fuel pump, and introduce the natural gas with the inlet pressure of 0.4MPa. If the side clearance of the exhaust gas wheel, it is proved that the input oil pump is faulty and should be replaced.

(2) High-pressure fuel is pumped out of the oil port and pipeline joint with oil leakage

The cause of the failure was that the fuel pump came out of the concave oil port convex high pressure, which caused oil leakage in Mifengbuyan Street due to wear. The solution is that the injection pump out of the oil port connector on the concave pad and concave round copper pad can be used. This pad has a school pump, which can also be used for leakage at the junction of the school pump, the fuel injector and the high-pressure fuel pipe. It may also be sued for free, which has proved to be very good in practice.

(3) Fuel pump shaft breakthrough

If the four fine-tooth bolts of the fuel injection pump work tight in the engine, there will be a greater gap between the loose seat pump and the pump dry grinding, which will eventually lead to the change of the installation position of the fuel pump. The fuel pump and transmission shaft will rest from different Neolithic shafts.

The solution is to use the appropriate thickness of copper skin between the pump and the pump pad and the cushion. To close the gap. Before installing the injection pump, the threaded hole should be cleaned first, and then the tightening torque requirements of the four fixing bolts should be met, and the coaxiality of the oil pump shaft and the transmission shaft should be checked. If it does not meet the standard, it should be readjusted. It is proposed to remove the fuel injection pump, which can be removed together with the seat.

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