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Treatment of Slow Engine Shutdown in Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 16, 2023

What should we do when we find that the diesel generator set engine is slowly stalling? Firstly, check whether there is oil in the fuel tank of the diesel generator set and whether the vent valve of the fuel tank cap is unobstructed. Qualified fuel will not contain impurities and moisture when leaving the factory, but will be mixed with dust, dirt, and moisture to some extent during transportation and storage.

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Loosen the bleed screw of the fuel injection pump, pump oil with a hand pump, and observe the oil flow at the bleed screw. If there is no oil flowing out, it means that the oil circuit is blocked, and it should be checked and eliminated section by section. If diesel is emitted in a spray column, it indicates that the oil circuit is unobstructed. If there are bubbles emerging from the vent screw, it indicates that air has entered the pipeline. It is necessary to check whether the joints of the oil pipe are tightened, whether there are cracks or abrasions in the pipeline, and eliminate any problems found. Timely maintenance should be carried out, and severe damage should be replaced. If there are no bubbles in the oil flow, the hand oil pump can be returned and fixed, and the starter can be used to drive the engine to rotate the pump oil. If there is still no oil flowing out, it indicates that the fuel transfer pump is faulty.

After the above operations, diagnose and handle the slow engine shutdown of the diesel generator set, and perform routine maintenance on the diesel generator set, such as daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, annual maintenance, and break-in period maintenance. The content and timing of planned maintenance are related to the working hours of the unit, such as first level maintenance, second level maintenance, and third level maintenance. In planned maintenance, regular maintenance refers to the mandatory execution of maintenance tasks according to the plan.

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