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Treatment of Circuit Breakage of Generator Voltage Transformer

Jul. 27, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the contents of the circuit breakage and treatment of the generator voltage transformer.

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When the voltage transformer circuit is disconnected during the operation of the generator set, the following phenomena will be displayed: the "voltage circuit disconnection" light plate is on and the alarm bell rings; the voltmeter indicates zero or the three-phase voltage is inconsistent, and the active power meter indicates abnormality , the electric energy meter stops; the low-voltage relay operates, and the relay may make a sound during the same period; there may be a grounding signal (when the high-voltage fuse is blown); the insulation monitoring voltmeter is lower than the normal value, and the normal phase voltmeter indicates normal.

The possible reasons for the disconnection of the voltage circuit are: the high and low voltage fuses are blown or the contact is poor; the secondary circuit switch of the voltage transformer and the auxiliary contact of the heavy action relay are in poor contact. Because the auxiliary switch contacts of the isolation switch on the high-voltage side of the voltage transformer are connected in series on the secondary side, and the heavy-action relay contacts linked with the auxiliary contacts of the isolation switch are also connected in series on the secondary side. The secondary circuit is disconnected; the rapid automatic air switch on the secondary side trips or trips automatically due to a short circuit on the secondary side; the terminals of the secondary circuit are loose or disconnected.

The treatment method for the disconnection of the voltage transformer circuit is as follows: Disable the relay protection and automatic devices to prevent misoperation. If the indication of the instrument is incorrect due to the fault of the secondary circuit, the operation of the equipment can be monitored according to the indications of other instruments, and the operation mode of the equipment cannot be changed to avoid misoperation. Check whether the high and low voltage fuses are blown. If the high-voltage fuse is blown, the cause should be identified and replaced; if the low-voltage fuse is blown, it should be replaced immediately. Check whether the contacts of the secondary voltage circuit are loose or disconnected, whether the switching circuit has poor contact, and whether the automatic air switch on the secondary side is tripped. You can try the delivery once, if the trial delivery is unsuccessful, it will be processed again.

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