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Treatment of Blowby in Auxiliary Water Tank of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 20, 2023

The causes of the blowby defect in the auxiliary water tank of the diesel generator set: the temperature of the diesel generator set is too high, the cooling circulation system is blocked, the cylinder head is cracked or trachomatized, the cylinder bed is damaged, the cylinder body is cracked or trachomatized, and the cylinder head of the air pump is trachomatized or cracked. Each type of defect has its own inherent characteristics, and there is no exception for air leakage in the auxiliary water tank. Therefore, before repairing, it is necessary to carefully check and analyze the possible defect areas.

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It is assumed that the gas blow by occurs when the temperature of the diesel generator set is low, which can clean the high temperature of the diesel generator set. Assuming cylinder head cracks, sand holes, or cylinder bed damage, it is often manifested as high water temperature and decreased power. Start the diesel generator set, check the operation at each speed, assume that the speed is stable, the smoke exhaust is normal and there is no water drop, and the possibility of cylinder head and cylinder gasket problems is very small.

Assuming there is a crack in the cylinder block, which causes the water channel to be connected to the air duct, and also causes the secondary water tank to blow air, and water will leak into the oil bottom, causing oil emulsification. Assuming that the oil is not emulsified, it indicates that the cylinder block is not a problem. As for the water-cooled air pump, it is assumed that the cylinder head and valve plate water channel of the air pump have cracks or trachomas, and the high-pressure air will enter the cooling system during the operation of the diesel generator set, resulting in the blowby of the auxiliary water tank.

Touch the thermostat device with your hand. Assuming that the temperature difference between the front and rear parts is large (cleaning the inlet and outlet pipes of the diesel generator set are blocked, and the water pump is defective), it is clarified that the thermostat cannot be opened due to jamming, which will lead to the temperature rise of the cylinder head of the diesel generator set, the increase of the internal air pressure will lead to the air blow of the auxiliary water tank, and in severe cases, the auxiliary water tank will spray water.

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