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Transmission Mode of Diesel Generator Valve Distribution Mechanism

Dec. 29, 2023

The requirements for the valve distribution mechanism of diesel generators are that the structural parameters and form are conducive to reducing the intake and exhaust resistance, and the opening time and duration of the intake and exhaust valves are relatively appropriate, so that the intake and exhaust are as sufficient as possible to obtain larger power torque and emission performance.

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There are three main structural forms of transmission for the valve distribution mechanism of diesel generators (gear transmission, chain transmission, and synchronous belt transmission). A brief introduction is as follows:

Gear drive

1. Suitable for center and bottom mounted camshafts.

2. The timing gear is a cylindrical helical gear tooth.

3. The material of the crankshaft timing gear is medium carbon steel, which can be directly machined on the crankshaft or embedded in a sleeve.

4. The camshaft timing gears are generally made of cast iron, but there are also rubber wood ones.

5. Gear transmission has smooth meshing, low noise, and low wear, and is widely used in large and medium-sized diesel engines.

Chain drive

1. Suitable for center and upper mounted camshafts.

2. The chain is a roller chain.

3. Equipped with guide chain plate, tensioner, and tensioning wheel.

4. Can maintain a certain degree of tension without generating vibration noise.

Synchronous belt drive

1. Suitable for upper mounted camshafts.

2. Car engines or small diesel engines are commonly used.

3. Small elongation, suitable for precise transmission.

4. Low noise, light weight, low cost, reliable operation, and no need for lubrication.

5. Cannot come into contact with water and oil, as it is prone to tooth jumping.

6. Can maintain a certain tension, requires a tensioning wheel and tensioner.

Among the three transmission modes of the above valve distribution mechanism, gear transmission is more commonly used for large and medium-sized diesel generators; For small diesel generators, chain or synchronous belt transmission is more commonly used.

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