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Tips for Purchasing a Generator for The First Time

May. 07, 2024

If your home frequently experiences power outages, you may consider purchasing or renting a generator. Having a generator means that when your main power supply fails, you still have enough electricity to light up your home, turn on your refrigerator, and turn on your TV - depending on the type of generator you use.

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However, if you have never bought or rented a generator before, this may be a daunting experience. Buying one may be a significant expense, while renting one may integrate the cost into a manageable monthly amount, but choosing the appropriate model to provide the electricity your family needs still puts a lot of pressure. So, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing a generator?


Generator power and fuel


The first thing to consider is the wattage. List all household appliances that you want the generator to be able to power and identify the power they require. For example, you may want your lights, TV, and computer to have electricity, but you may not necessarily need your generator to power your washing machine. If you are unable to find wattage information at home (electrical manuals and brochures will tell you), conduct a quick search on the relevant manufacturer's website, or seek advice from the retailer or rental company you have chosen. Once you add up the required power of the appliances on the list, the maximum power of the generator you choose should exceed this number.


You should also consider what kind of fuel is most suitable for you. Some experts recommend gasoline generators as the best choice for portable models. But gasoline has a shorter shelf life. Although diesel generators are more expensive, they are one of the safest choices because they are not flammable, have higher efficiency, and operate quieter. But the decision you ultimately make will depend on your personal needs.


Noise levels and additional costs


It is also important to pay attention to the estimated sound level of the generator. A noisy generator may disturb you and your neighbors, so it's best to find a generator that can minimize engine noise. 60 to 40 decibels are usually recommended as acceptable noise levels, and if the noise emitted by the generator far exceeds this level, it can cause noise pollution.


Whether you are purchasing an electrical model from a store or renting from a diesel generator rental company, these characteristics must be considered when purchasing a generator. However, you should also look for additional things to make your generator experience easier. These may include installing wheels on portable generators or using electric button switches instead of kickback starting methods.


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