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Three Methods For Detecting The Control Circuit Of Diesel Generator Control Panel

Mar. 08, 2023

During the operation of the diesel generator set, there are three methods to detect the control circuit of the control panel: the multimeter method, the line lamp method and the linkage test method. To ensure safety, the multimeter method and the line lamp method are generally used first. After judging that there is no major problem, the linkage test can be conducted by powering on.


① Multimeter method.

First pull out the fuse 4FU~6FU, take out the bulb of the power indicator 1LH (make the control circuit open), and then check whether the wiring of each circuit is correct and whether there is short circuit or open circuit in the top-down order. During the test, first find out the main step-down components of each circuit, then set the multimeter to Rx1 (or Rx10), connect the two probes to U1 point and the left terminal of the main step-down components (or connect the two probes to W1 or N point and the right terminal of the main step-down components), and test each circuit.


diesel generator set

② Alignment lamp method.

If there is no multimeter on the site, two batteries and a small electric ball can also be connected with wires to form a pair lamp to detect the control circuit. The detection method is the same as the multimeter method, but only the "on" and "off" of the lamp can be used to judge the "on" and "off" of the wiring.


③ Linkage test method.

First, plug in the fuse 4FU~6FU and the power indicator light bulb, and connect the power at the control circuit. Then operate according to the operation steps to see whether the relevant circuit can act and whether the signal circuit can send a signal.


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