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The Use of Torsional Vibration Dampers for Diesel Generator Sets

Dec. 26, 2023

The function of the torsional vibration damper for diesel generator sets is that when the diesel engine is working, the crankshaft undergoes periodic relative torsion between the various crankshafts under the action of periodically changing torque, which is called torsional vibration.

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The harm of torsional vibration: When the frequency of torque variation in diesel generators is the same or multiple of the natural frequency of crankshaft torsion, resonance will occur. During resonance, the torsional amplitude increases, leading to increased wear of the transmission mechanism and a decrease in diesel engine power. In severe cases, it can cause crankshaft fracture.

The function of torsional vibration damper: In order to reduce the torsional vibration of the crankshaft, modern diesel generators often install torsional vibration dampers at the front end (free end) of the crankshaft with the maximum torsional amplitude.

The structure of the torsional vibration damper. There are two common types of torsional vibration dampers, briefly introduced as follows:

1. Rubber torsion damper. The shock absorber housing is connected to the crankshaft, and the torsional vibration inertia mass of the shock absorber housing is bonded to the vulcanized rubber layer.

When the diesel generator set is working, the damper housing and crankshaft vibrate together. Due to the inertia mass lagging behind the damper housing, relative motion occurs between the two, causing the rubber layer to rub back and forth. The vibration energy is absorbed by the internal friction damping of the rubber, thereby reducing the torsional vibration of the crankshaft.

2. Silicone oil torsional vibration damper. The shock absorber housing made of steel plate stamping is connected to the crankshaft. The side cover and shock absorber housing form a sealing chamber, in which the sliding sleeve is equipped with torsional vibration inertia mass. There is a certain gap between the inertia mass and the sealing chamber, which is filled with high viscosity silicone oil.

When the diesel generator set operates, the damper housing rotates and vibrates together with the crankshaft, and the inertia mass is driven by the viscous friction damping of silicone oil and the friction force of the lining. Due to the considerable inertia mass, it approximately rotates at a uniform speed, resulting in relative motion between the inertia mass and the damper housing. The vibration energy of the crankshaft is absorbed by the internal friction damping of silicone oil, which eliminates or reduces the torsional vibration of the crankshaft.

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