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The Use of Black Start Power Supply for Diesel Generators

May. 21, 2022

For this question of what is the usefulness of black start power for diesel generators. In fact, black start means that when the entire power grid or system is out of service due to a fault, without relying on the help of other networks, through the start of the units with self-start capability in the system, the units without self-start capability are driven to gradually expand the recovery of the power system range, and ultimately achieve the restoration of the entire power system.

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Black start power

Power grid black-start power supply, that is, a unit with self-starting capability, it can quickly resume power generation after shutdown without external help, and send starting power to other units through transmission lines to drive other units. (1) Hydroelectric units (including pumped storage power plants) are the most convenient starting power sources. The hydro-generator set has no complicated auxiliary system, less power consumption and fast start-up speed. It is a convenient and ideal black-start power supply. The hydropower plant also has good frequency regulation and pressure regulation capabilities. However, it should be noted that due to the influence of high and low water, the runoff hydropower unit may not be able to start at certain times. (2) The thermal power unit can also be used as a starting power source. For example, the fuel-fired generator can start quickly when the self-provided diesel generator is started. In addition, some thermal power plants can realize self-protection power consumption when the external power grid loses power. These power plants can be used as black-start power sources.

Black start process

(1) Preliminary stage: According to the information they know and respond correctly, if the power outage network has been cut off in a large area; each factory station will start the emergency backup power supply (diesel engine or battery) by itself to ensure the safety of the main engine and main equipment, and ensure the DC control power supply. and communication and monitoring system power supply; in order to ensure the rapid and reliable recovery of the system, each plant station implements the initial controllable state of its own plant station according to the regulations;

(2) Network restoration stage: that is, the black-start unit charges the transmission line to create each small network; each small network is expanded and merged after it is created; the network reconstruction is gradually completed. At this stage, attention should be paid to the possible transformer excitation inrush current problems, overvoltage problems of no-load equipment (line or transformer) (operation overvoltage, power frequency overvoltage and resonance overvoltage, etc.), and the accident recovery process. Active power balance and reactive power balance problems, as well as the selection problem of juxtaposition or closing points in accident recovery;

(3) Load recovery stage: that is, the load recovery as soon as possible. At this stage, emphasis should be placed on considering the tide and stability verification problems after the system begins to recover, and the verification problems of relay protection. In the first two stages, load recovery is used as a means to ensure the stability of the system frequency and voltage, create corresponding sub-systems, and complete the normal operation of power high-level equipment; Losses due to widespread power outages.

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