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The Test of Oil Transfer Pump of The Volvo Generator Set

Jun. 24, 2022

Regarding the question of the test of the oil transfer pump of the Volvo generator set, the performance test should be carried out after the oil transfer pump of the Volvo generator set is installed. The working performance indicators of the oil pump are mainly the oil supply pressure and oil supply amount. The oil supply pressure is generally 49-196kPa, and the working performance can be measured on a special test bench.

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Tightness test: The oil transfer pump can also be tested on the special test bench. When the oil supply pressure is 98KPa and the working speed is 50r/min, there shall be no oil leakage within 1 minute at the joint between the push rod and the pump body. Tighten the handle of the hand oil pump and block the oil outlet, immerse the oil transfer pump in clean kerosene or diesel oil, pass the compressed air of 147-196kPa through the oil inlet, and check the air leakage between the pump body and the push rod, collect bubbles with a measuring cylinder. If the collected volume in 1min is within 50ml and the diameter of the bubbles does not exceed 1mm, it means that the gap is normal and well sealed, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced.

Test the oil supply pressure and quantity of the oil delivery pump: install the oil delivery pump on the test bench. When the speed is 600r/nfin, the oil delivery pressure should not be lower than 147kPa, and when the speed is 750r/min, the oil delivery pressure should be 206kPa. When the oil pump continuously supplies oil, the oil volume is not less than 250ml/min.

Oil suction capacity test: Install the fuel pump on the fuel injection pump, connect a rubber hose with a diameter of 8-10mm and a length of 2m to the oil inlet of the fuel pump, and test the oil suction capacity of the fuel pump from a fuel tank below 1m. When the speed of the fuel injection pump is 200r/min, the fuel delivery pump should suck out the oil within 18s to be qualified; if the fuel injection pump rotates for more than 36s and the fuel delivery pump has not supplied oil, it means that it needs to be repaired.

Hand oil pump performance test: Drain the diesel oil in the oil inlet pipe, and then reciprocate the hand oil pump handle at a speed of 2-3 times/rain, and record the diesel oil from the fuel tank where the liquid level is not less than 1m below the oil inlet of the oil transfer pump. The time to the oil outlet should be no more than 1min, otherwise it should be overhauled. The test should be carried out under the condition that the pipeline is well sealed, and the hand oil pump is working: the oil discharged during operation should not have foam.

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