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The Solution to the Flashback Fault of Volvo Diesel Generators

Sep. 08, 2023

Volvo diesel generator flashback refers to the phenomenon where the gas flame in the combustion chamber ignites the combustible mixture in the intake pipe. Tempering occurs at various stages of Volvo diesel generator operation without obvious signs, causing a sudden shutdown of Volvo diesel generator and seriously affecting its operation. Severe tempering can sometimes cause damage to the mixer diaphragm, making maintenance difficult and demanding.

Volvo diesel generator

Volvo diesel generator backfire reason: the mixture is too rich; Incorrect questioning during ignition; Loose valve adjustment screws; Cracks in the cylinder head of Volvo diesel generators are most common, with backfire caused by excessive mixture concentration.

Solution to the backfire problem: Due to the accidental and destructive nature of backfire in natural gas Volvo diesel generators, it is easy to cause damage to the mixer diaphragm of Volvo diesel generators, resulting in sudden shutdown of Volvo diesel generators and inability to control and observe the backfire phenomenon. Analyzing the damage situation of the diaphragm, it was found that there was a problem with the positioning method of the diaphragm. Only six screws were used to tighten it, resulting in uneven stress on the diaphragm and easy loosening and damage.

In this regard, a method of gluing the membrane onto the mixer is proposed to ensure that the edges of the membrane are under overall stress, making it less prone to damage. The adhesive membrane is very durable. After tempering, as long as the compressor is unloaded, the tempering will weaken or disappear. Strong tempering can be stopped directly, which can earn time for observation and adjustment.

The adjustment of mixture concentration can effectively avoid the occurrence of backfire. When adjusting the mixture concentration, the load adjustment bolt of the mixer should be first tightened by 5 turns. After the Volvo diesel generator is loaded, the load adjustment screws on both sides should be gradually tightened until the pointer of the mixer pressure gauge of the Volvo diesel generator swings towards the increasing direction, and then tightened by half a turn.

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