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How to Deal with The Reverse Installation of Diesel Generator Components

Aug. 24, 2021

Do you find how to deal with when the parts are reversed during the assembly of diesel generator sets? There are many phenomena that do not pay attention to the clearance of parts and components. In the maintenance of common diesel generator sets, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder liner, the "triple clearance" of the piston ring, Piston head clearance, valve clearance, plunger clearance, brake shoe clearance, driving and driven gear meshing clearance, bearing axial and radial clearance, valve stem and valve guide fit clearance, etc., all types of models have strict It is required that measurements must be taken during maintenance, and parts that do not meet the clearance requirements must be adjusted or replaced. In the actual maintenance work, there are many phenomena of blindly assembling parts without measuring the fit clearance, leading to early wear or ablation of the bearing, and even improper fit clearance of the parts, leading to serious mechanical damage accidents.

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When repair diesel generator sets, some parts have strict orientation requirements. Only the correct installation can ensure the normal operation of the parts. The external features of some parts are not obvious, and they can be installed positively and negatively. In actual work, the installation is often reversed, resulting in early damage to the parts, mechanical failure, and damage to the diesel generator set. When the parts are installed, if you don't understand the structure and installation precautions, they are easy to install backwards. As a result, it does not work properly after assembly, leading to the occurrence of diesel generator set failure. Therefore, when assembling parts, maintenance personnel must grasp the requirements of the structure and installation direction of the parts, and not blindly install them for granted.

Finally, when repairing diesel generator sets, some maintenance personnel did not take correct maintenance methods, believing that emergency measures are omnipotent, replacing "maintenance" with "emergency" and there are many phenomena of "treatment of the symptoms but not the root cause". For example, the frequently encountered "repair by welding" is an example. Some parts could have been repaired, but some maintenance personnel wanted to save trouble, but often used the method of "welding to death"; in order to make the diesel generator "strong", artificially increase the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump and increase the fuel injection of the fuel injector. pressure. These irregular maintenance methods can only be used as an emergency, but cannot be used for a long time. The cause of the failure must be found fundamentally, and regular maintenance methods should be adopted to eliminate the failure, which should attract the attention of maintenance personnel.

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