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Analyze the Reasons of Single-cylinder Diesel Generator Set Failure

Jan. 18, 2022

When a single-cylinder diesel generator set fails, will you analyze the cause of the failure? First check the clearance between the piston pin and the connecting rod bushing. The piston pins of the small agricultural diesel generator set are all "floating piston pins", the connecting rod bushing and the piston pin are clearance fit, and the piston pin can be free in the connecting rod bushing. If the clearance is too large or too small, it will be affected. If the clearance is too large, the bushing will be easily damaged, and the connecting rod will be easily bent and deformed, resulting in knocking problems; and the piston pin that is too small cannot run freely, and sometimes will be killed. How to move, then how to check the fit clearance between the piston pin and the connecting rod bushing.

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First, apply oil on the surface of the piston pin, then insert it into the bushing, push the piston pin with your thumb, and observe how it shakes. If there is no obvious shaking, it means that the piston pin and the bushing are well matched. The shaking means that the gap is too large, then repair or replace the lower bushing and try again. One way to repair the bushing is to ream it by hand, and then match it with an enlarged piston pin. If it is replaced, install a new one. When lining the bushing, align the oil hole on the bushing to ensure the lubrication of the bushing and the working surface of the piston pin. After the connecting rod bushing is pressed into the connecting rod, the above method can be used to check their fitting clearance. If it is small, it can be reamed with a reamer, but after the bushing is reamed, be sure to remember to clean the piston pin and bushing hole. The contact area is kept above 75%.

Diagnose the sound of piston knocking. The sound of piston knocking of diesel generator set mainly occurs in the upper and middle parts of the cylinder block. It is a continuous sound, like the sound of ducks, especially when the speed is fast. The reason for this sound is that the axes of the connecting rod journal and the main shaft journal are not parallel, or the axis of the copper sleeve hole at the small end of the connecting rod is horizontally inclined or the connecting rod is bent, causing the piston to swing longitudinally in the cylinder and keep touching. Hit the cylinder wall. During inspection, take off the cylinder head, then rotate the crankshaft to observe the longitudinal swing of the piston at the top and bottom dead centers. If the piston swings, the piston connecting rod group should be removed for inspection, and the cylinder wall should be carefully checked if any knocks and impacts.

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