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The Problem of The Battery Capacity of Generator Set Not Match

Aug. 17, 2022

When arranging the application of the generator set, we may not notice the existence of the problem that the matching battery capacity of the generator set does not meet the requirements, but when this kind of problem occurs, we often have a period of time at a loss. When the matching battery capacity of the genset does not meet the published energy requirements, the following will explain the following issues:

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1. When the capacity of the battery is too large, the energy from the generator set cannot guarantee the sufficient charge of the battery in time, resulting in the battery often in a state of power deficit and shortening the service life of the battery. In addition, the large capacity of the battery increases the price and usage cost, which also causes unnecessary waste in the economy.

2. If the battery capacity is too small, the battery will often be in an overcharged state. If the work of the equipment is stopped due to sufficient power, the work efficiency of the fan will be seriously affected. Long-term overcharging of the battery will cause early damage to the battery and shorten its service life.

3. When using small equipment, the matching principle of battery and diesel engine set should also be followed when selecting electrical appliances. That is, the energy consumed by the optional electrical appliances should match the energy output by the generator set. Matching indicators emphasize "energy", not to be confused with power.

4. When choosing electrical appliances, you must also pay attention to the requirements of the voltage system. The distribution box of small equipment is equipped with 12V, 24V and TV special sockets. When users use it, they should select the corresponding socket according to the voltage value required by the electrical appliance. , the TV should be specially plugged into the TV socket.

If you use AC power equipment, you must prepare an "inverter" that can meet its power requirements to convert the DC power of the battery into AC power with a voltage of 220V and a frequency of 50Hz before it can be used.

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