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The Primary Technology for Hydrogen Leakage in Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 26, 2023

Do you know the primary technology for hydrogen leakage in diesel generator sets? Firstly, choose a high sensitivity balance valve, and the structural layout should be changed from horizontal to vertical, which has a better effect. Install vacuum dehumidification equipment at the inlet of the sealing oil system to improve the dehumidification effect of the hydrogen dryer. The way to improve the effectiveness of hydrogen dryers is to increase the hydrogen flow rate and reduce the outlet humidity of the dryers. The operation of the dryer is not continuous, and the diesel generator set is shut down while the generator is in a hydrogen pressure state. The dryer should still be operated. The intention of doing so is that all internal components are in a low-temperature condition, the sealing oil system is still running, the water inlet is still accumulating, and the hydrogen circulation inside the machine is interrupted.

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These may all be located in the interior space near the sealed tile, and the hydrogen humidity may quickly rise, making it easier to reach the dew point. The primary method for dealing with the dryness of hydrogen gas in a 300MW generator is to use a condensing hydrogen dryer, which affects the temperature of the condensing space in the refrigeration equipment. The lower the temperature, the better the effect. This element is related to the power, space volume, wet hydrogen flow rate, and temperature of the refrigeration equipment. There are certain drawbacks to using this type of dryer, as the outlet temperature of the dryer can only reach -10 ℃~-20 ℃, which limits its dryness. The heat exchange surface will continue to frost, causing its thermal resistance to increase and its dry function to decrease.

Defrosting and heating will result in continuous operation of the dryer, resulting in an increase in hydrogen humidity inside the machine. Nowadays, a generator is generally equipped with two hydrogen dryers. It is necessary to check if the operation method is correct to ensure that the two dryers are replaced for operation. The external circulation system has not been modified and is still driven by the differential pressure of the fan at the generator end. After the shutdown of the diesel generator set, the problem of dry handling of internal loss still exists. Therefore, after the generator is shut down, it should be replaced with air as soon as possible to avoid hydrogen condensation inside the generator. The hydrogen recovery temperature is low, and the internal cold hydrogen temperature can reach up to 40 ℃. Before the two are mixed, it is completely possible to cause damage to the stator end winding or rotor protective ring for a long time, posing a threat to its safe operation.

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