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The Precursor of Diesel Engine Occurs Major Failure

Mar. 03, 2023

A sign of burning tiles. The speed of the diesel engine suddenly decreases during operation, the load increases, the engine emits black smoke, the oil pressure drops, and the crankcase emits a "chirp" dry friction sound, which is the precursor of burning. In this case, stop the machine immediately, otherwise the wear of the bearing bush will be further aggravated, the grip on the surface of the journal will expand rapidly, the bearing bush and journal will soon bind and lock, and the engine will shut down.

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Precursor of sticking cylinder. Sticking cylinder usually occurs when the diesel engine is seriously short of water. The diesel engine is unable to run before sticking cylinder. The water temperature gauge indicates more than 100 ℃. A few drops of cold water are dropped on the engine body. There is a "hissing" sound and white smoke. The water droplets evaporate quickly. At this time, let the engine run at low speed or idle speed to reduce the vehicle temperature. If the engine stops immediately, it will cause the piston and cylinder liner to stick to the cylinder.

Precursor of valve falling. The valve falling into the cylinder is generally caused by broken valve stem, broken valve spring, cracked valve spring seat, and falling off valve key clip. When the cylinder head makes a "knock" sound (the piston touches the valve), a "scratch" sound (the piston touches the valve) or other abnormal noises, and the engine is unstable, it is often the precursor of the valve falling off the cylinder. At this time, the engine should be stopped immediately, or the piston, cylinder head and cylinder liner will be damaged, or even the connecting rod will be bent, the engine body will be broken, and the crankshaft will be broken.

Precursors of cylinder tampering. The cylinder tamping is a destructive mechanical failure. Except for the cylinder tamping caused by valve falling, it is mostly caused by the loosening of connecting rod bolts. After the connecting rod bolts are loosened or stretched, the matching clearance of the connecting rod bearings will increase. At this time, a "tap" knock can be heard at the crankcase. The knock will increase from small to large. Finally, the connecting rod bolts will fall off or break completely, and the connecting rod and bearing cover will be thrown out, breaking the engine body and related parts.

The precursor of broken shaft. When a hidden crack occurs at the shoulder of the crankshaft journal of the diesel engine due to fatigue, the symptom of the failure is not obvious. With the expansion of the crack, there is a dull knocking noise in the engine crankcase. When the speed changes, the knocking noise increases, and the engine emits black smoke. Soon, the knocking noise gradually increases, the engine shakes, the crankshaft breaks, and then the engine fires. Therefore, when there is abnormal noise in the engine crankcase, stop the engine immediately for inspection.

The precursor of flywheel breakage. When the flywheel has hidden cracks, it will make a hoarse noise when it is hit with a hammer. When the engine is working, the flywheel will make a knocking noise. When the speed changes, the noise will increase and the engine will shake. At this time, if the machine is not shut down for inspection, it is easy to cause the flywheel to suddenly break and the debris to fly out and hurt people.

The precursor of "flying car". Before "flying", diesel engines generally emit blue smoke, burn engine oil or have unstable speed. At the beginning, the speed of the diesel engine is not controlled by the throttle, and rises rapidly until it exceeds the rated speed, and the engine emits a lot of black or blue smoke. At this time, if measures such as fuel cut-off, gas cut-off and pressure reduction are not taken quickly to stop it, the engine speed will continue to rise, and the engine will roar, the exhaust pipe will be filled with smoke, and the speed will be out of control, which will cause major accidents such as cylinder ramming.

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