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The O-ring of Shangchai Diesel Generator Set Fuel Injector

Apr. 26, 2023

The diesel engine of Shangchai diesel generator set adopts PT fuel system, which makes it difficult for the diesel engine of Shangchai diesel generator set to start and shut down due to its weak operation. There is a problem with fuel mixing in the crankcase and high lubricating oil level.

shangchai diesel generator

Remove the PT fuel injector and inspect the O-ring seal. It is found that the seal ring is damaged. The cylinder body of the injector of the diesel engine of the Shangchai diesel generator set has three O-ring seals, which form the oil inlet and oil return passages of the injector. Because these three O-ring seals are easy to cut off the edges when the injector is installed into the injector hole on the cylinder head, resulting in poor sealing, fuel will leak into the oil pan, thus mixing diesel oil in the lubricating oil and increasing the lubricating oil level. Due to fuel leakage, some of the fuel can not generate power, so the fuel consumption is too high. The diesel engine of Shangchai diesel generator set is weak in operation, difficult to start and easy to shut down. After lubricating oil is mixed with fuel, it will be diluted and damage the lubrication function.

After replacing the O-ring seal, it worked and ran, and the fault phenomenon was eliminated. When replacing, the carbon deposits on the copper seat sleeve of the fuel injector in the cylinder head should be removed first. Be careful not to use a scraper or other metal parts to scrape to avoid damaging the copper seat sleeve of the fuel injector. You can use a wooden stick wrapped in a clean cloth at one end to remove it. Then replace the sealing seat on the fuel injector. To check if the installation position of the sealing ring is correct, then lubricate the O-ring with clean lubricating oil. Finally, place the fuel injector into the hole, taking special care to prevent damage to the edges of the sealing ring. Guide the fuel injector to align with the hole by hand and insert it smoothly without obstruction. Then, place a clean blunt tool on the fuel injector body and push it firmly to seat the fuel injector. When the fuel injector head is seated in the copper sleeve, a "snap" sound should be heard, and the fuel injector is installed in the cylinder head hole.

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