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The Necessity of Using Diesel Generator Heating System in Winter

Aug. 11, 2022

When the diesel generator is used in winter, it will be difficult to start due to the low ambient temperature, or even unable to start, or the accident of freezing and cracking of the body will occur due to the low freezing point of the cooling water. Therefore, in order to restore the normal working state of the diesel generator in the severe winter, the heating system of the diesel generator must be turned on: the cooling liquid heating system, the oil heating system and the fuel heating system. Starlight power generation equipment analyzes the necessity and sufficient reasons for the heating system to be turned on in winter.

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1. Fuel system heating device:

In order to avoid diesel generators being blocked by diesel and unable to quickly enter the working state, the outdoor temperature is usually lower than 5 degrees Celsius. Yes (target No. 0 diesel), turn on the electric heating function of the diesel generator in winter.

Because diesel oil contains a certain amount of wax, in the winter when the temperature is low, these waxes will gradually separate out, and even cause the diesel oil to condense and become inactive. When the wax separated from the diesel starts to block the filter and then affects the normal fuel supply of the oil circuit, the temperature at this moment is called the cooling point of the diesel.

Taking No. 0 diesel as an example, its condensation point is 0 degrees Celsius, and its cold filter point is 4 degrees Celsius. Usually when the outdoor temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, the electric heating function is turned on, so that the diesel oil is saturated and can be put into operation at any time. Electric heating consumes a certain amount of electricity, so care should be taken to turn on this function at the right temperature. For example, this function should not be turned on when the temperature is much higher than the cold filter point of the diesel used.

In general, turning on the electric heating function at the right temperature allows the diesel generator to be put into operation efficiently at any time.

2. Heating coolant system

When the temperature drops in winter, the diesel generator coolant also decreases or even solidifies with the decrease in temperature. Therefore, the manufacturer generally recommends diesel generator users to use antifreeze as the cooling medium to prevent the cooling water from freezing and cracking the body due to the low freezing point. In such a situation, the cooling liquid heating system must be turned on to ensure a certain temperature of the cooling liquid, which is also the guarantee for the rapid start of the diesel generator.

3. Oil heating in winter

Diesel generator oil used in summer has poor fluidity in winter, which brings certain resistance when diesel generators are started. At this time, generator manufacturers recommend users to use winter oil correctly, in addition to ensuring the flexibility of diesel generator startup. The oil heating system must be turned on, which not only ensures the temperature when the engine is started, but also ensures the sufficient fluidity of the oil and reduces the difficulty of starting in winter.

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