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What Are The Manifestations of Oil Leakage in Diesel Generator Chassis?

Dec. 07, 2021

Diesel generators will inevitably have various problems during use. For example, many users have found that diesel generators have oil leakage from the chassis when they are working. This is a normal phenomenon. So what is the reason for this phenomenon? Next, we will provide a detailed answer for everyone.

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1. The quality of purchased or self-made paper pads does not meet the requirements, such as insufficient thickness, improper storage, wrinkles and deformation, or careless cleaning during assembly, dust and impurities, these are the reasons for oil leakage.

2. Whether the joint surface of the various parts of the diesel generator is smooth and flat, and whether the processing size meets the requirements. Sand foundry parts and die-casting parts must be free of blisters and air holes, and whether the sealing string, oil seal parts, and screws meet the requirements and tighten.

3. The quality of the static joint surface is mainly determined by the accuracy of the processing equipment itself and the storage and transportation conditions. If the accuracy of the equipment is high, the flatness and roughness of the static joint surface can meet the design requirements of the drawing, and attention should be paid to prevent bumps during storage and transportation. It is not difficult to achieve a complete seal of the static joint surface. However, due to the low equipment accuracy and technological level of some manufacturers, the storage and transportation conditions and management level cannot completely guarantee no bumps and scratches.

4. Poor operation technique during maintenance. At present, diesel generators generally focus on self-repair. As the level of repair technology cannot keep up, self-repair often has problems of one kind or another, especially when disassembling the machine without paying attention to methods, lacking special tools, and causing deformation or even damage to the parts. Due to the deformation of the parts, the oil leaks.

At present, the general disassembly method uses the main bearing housing cover mounting bolts, screwing them into the diagonal dismounting screw holes on the main bearing housing cover, and ejecting the main bearing housing cover. It is difficult to synchronize the progress of the two bolts during the disassembly and assembly process, which is the main reason for the deformation of the main bearing housing cover.

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