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The Influence of Ventilation in Diesel Generator Room on Noise Reduction

Sep. 26, 2023

Does the ventilation of the diesel generator room affect the noise reduction effect? The prerequisite for the normal operation of an oil generator is to consider the ventilation requirements of the diesel generator room while meeting the noise reduction effect. Due to the large amount of fresh air required during the operation of the diesel generator, it is necessary to design exhaust and exhaust ducts in the room that can meet the requirements. A large amount of noise is also spread from the inlet and exhaust ducts outside the room. Therefore, the ventilation quality of the diesel generator room will affect the noise reduction effect of the room. Designing a reasonable intake and exhaust duct of the diesel generator is an important part of reducing noise.

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The intake and exhaust ducts of the generator set adopt folded brick air ducts, with specially designed intake and exhaust silencers. The inner chambers are equipped with sound-absorbing materials and perforated sound-absorbing plates. At the same time, to ensure that the unit can operate at rated power for a long time, sufficient exhaust area must be reserved for the intake and exhaust ducts of the unit according to the requirements of the unit. Low noise axial flow fans are installed in the exhaust ducts of the unit to ensure sufficient ventilation in the machine room, By using the above methods, it is expected to reduce the noise to 25-30DBA.

Exhaust noise is the main noise source of diesel generators. Two silencers are connected in series for secondary noise reduction, which is expected to reduce TL=30-40DBA. On the other hand, the exhaust pipe connection must have good sealing performance, and some of the noise is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe. Therefore, the general principle of its construction is to use appropriate magnetic and conductive materials to form a magnetic circuit and circuit for mutual electromagnetic induction, in order to generate electromagnetic power and achieve the purpose of energy conversion. In order to prevent the temperature rise in the machine room after the diesel generator runs for a long time, which affects the output power of the unit, the exhaust pipe and exhaust muffler of the diesel generator are insulated and insulated.

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