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The Importance of Electronic Governor for Generator Set

Jul. 01, 2022

The application of the electronic governor on the generator set has evolved the performance of the generator set itself. The electronic debugger can stably control the speed of the generator set and keep it at a stable value of 1500 rpm. The value of the speed will not be affected by the size of the load. When the speed is stable, there will be a stable frequency of the unit. Then the frequency of the generator will be stable to ensure the stability of the voltage. In this way, the performance of the entire generator will be stable. The load capacity is increased.

generator maintenance

The application of the electronic debugger makes the generator set have such an advantageous performance. In this article, Starlight Power Generation Equipment simply analyzes the working principle of the generator set debugger.

Electronic governor is a widely used automatic speed control component on generator sets. Simply put, it is a control device that controls the speed of the generator. Its task is to keep the speed of the engine at a constant speed and keep the speed of the engine at a preset speed without being affected by load changes. Its core component is a variable The thyristor voltage regulating circuit controls the output voltage by changing the conduction angle of the thyristor.

Specifically, the speed adjustment potentiometer is used to set the required speed. The speed sensor measures the actual value of the engine speed through the ring gear on the flywheel and sends it to the controller. The actual value in the controller is compared with the set value. The comparison difference is sorted out and amplified by the control circuit, drives the output shaft of the actuator, and pulls the fuel injection pump gear rod by adjusting the connecting rod to adjust the fuel supply, so as to achieve the purpose of maintaining the set speed.

This electronic governor can also choose the size of the unevenness according to the needs of the engine application. When performing differential speed regulation, the electronic control system will eliminate the difference between the set speed and the actual speed caused by the load change, so that the engine maintains the original set speed. According to the needs of the unit, the unevenness potentiometer can also be adjusted, so that the speed control system can obtain a satisfactory static rate.

The electronic governor is also equipped with a variety of accessory devices. According to the needs of the unit, the corresponding accessories can be installed to achieve functional requirements such as automatic synchronization, load distribution and load preset.

The characteristic of the electronic governor is that it can independently determine the speed control characteristics, and can determine the best torque characteristics, idle speed characteristics and transition characteristics when all accessories are installed. The electronic dispatcher can meet the requirements of various models.

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