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The Impact of Low Water Temperature on Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 12, 2023

Do you think that low water temperature has an impact on the operation of diesel generator sets? With the construction of the information society, diesel generator sets have also entered this wide range of applications from their traditional scope. It complements UPS to form an uninterrupted power supply system, satisfying the requirements of information equipment for high reliability and quality of power supply, and has been widely used. The diesel generator set of the generator has attracted more attention from technical personnel and many users in the field of power supply. Have we ever paid attention to the issue of water temperature when using diesel generator sets in daily life? In fact, there are clear rules for the use of water temperature. Generators summarize the damage caused by low water temperature to the operation of diesel generator sets. The low water temperature also causes the temperature of the engine oil to decrease, making the engine oil thicker and less fluid. The amount of oil pumped by the engine oil pump is reduced, resulting in a lack of oil supply. In addition, the gap between the crankshaft bearings becomes smaller, resulting in poor smoothness.

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Experiments have shown that if the coolant temperature drops from 85 ℃ to 30 ℃, the engine power will decrease by about 8%, the fuel consumption will increase by 30-40%, and the wear will increase by about 6 times. Therefore, when using the generator, avoid keeping the water temperature too low. It will cause the temperature inside the diesel engine incineration chamber to be too low, making it difficult to atomize and incinerate diesel after injection. Some diesel still appears as droplets and is discharged with the exhaust gas, with a white smoke color. After incineration, a portion of the product combines with condensed water in the cylinder to form acidic substances, which corrode the cylinder and significantly increase engine wear. The incomplete combustion of fuel forms a gum, causing the piston ring to get stuck in the piston ring groove, trapping the valve, and the pressure inside the cylinder decreases when the tightening is completed. At low temperatures, the combustion conditions of diesel in the cylinder deteriorate, and the combustion period increases after ignition. The operation of diesel generator sets is prone to roughness, exacerbating the damage to crankshaft bearings, piston rings, and other components, resulting in a decrease in power and economic efficiency.

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