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The Impact of Diesel Generator Set Without Changing The Oil

Sep. 26, 2021

The oil plays the role of lubrication, cooling and sealing during the operation of the diesel generator set. The aging of the oil will cause the viscosity of the oil to decrease, and the fluidity and heat dissipation of the oil will become worse. As a result, the friction pairs cannot establish a good oil film and accelerate the wear. At times, it will cause failures of the diesel generator set, such as tile formation and cylinder pulling. In the design and development process of diesel generator sets, the oil change interval is an important design index to avoid engine oil aging. The first is the engine oil temperature. Under normal engine oil temperature, the oxidation rate of engine oil is not obvious. When the upper limit of normal engine oil temperature is exceeded, the oxidation deterioration of engine oil accelerates with the increase in temperature. For every 10°C increase in temperature, the oxidation rate of engine oil increases by about 1 times.

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Secondly, unburned diesel enters the oil. For example, the remote rear injection in the cylinder realizes the active regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, which causes the oil level, flash point and oil pressure to drop, and destroys the oil film between the friction pairs. The engine oil is mixed with water, causing the engine oil to emulsify, causing the additives in the engine oil to fail, and accelerating the oxidation rate of the engine oil. Of course, metal wear debris has a catalytic effect on the aging of engine oil. Among them, copper has the greatest effect on engine oil aging, while the catalytic effect of iron is 20% of copper, and the catalytic effect of other metals is not obvious.

The combustion products of diesel generator sets can be divided into direct products and indirect products. Various oxides, hydrocarbons, soot and other combustible mixtures and exhaust gas generated during the combustion process of diesel generator sets enter the crankcase through the gaps between pistons, piston rings and cylinder walls. This part of the gas contains fuel vapor, water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfides and other types of oxides. Periodic condensation of fuel vapor will dilute the engine oil, causing deterioration of engine oil performance.

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