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The Harm of Not Maintain Cummins Diesel Generator Sets Timely

Aug. 06, 2021

When Starlight power generation equipment cooperates with each customer, it will be emphasized that the problems of Cummins diesel generator set should be solved in time, and professional technicians can come to inspect and repair. If the maintenance is not timely, it will not only damage the unit, but also increase the safety hazards of the operation.

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In order to further increase the attention of everyone, Starlight Power Equipment has sorted out some of the hazards of Cummins diesel generator sets that are not repaired in time. For details, please see the following:

1. The excitation circuit is grounded. There are two types of excitation circuit grounding: one-point grounding and two-point grounding. Generally speaking, when the excitation circuit is grounded at one point, there is no serious harm to the Cummins diesel generator set. However, if the maintenance is not timely, it may cause two points to be grounded, destroy the balance of the rotor flux, cause strong vibration, and eventually burn the rotor winding.

2. Overvoltage. When the load is suddenly dumped during operation, if the maintenance is not timely, overvoltage may occur due to the large inertia of the speed control system, causing the winding insulation layer to breakdown.

3. Stator overcurrent. Stator overcurrent is generally caused by external short circuit or system oscillation. If the maintenance is not timely, the temperature of the stator will rise when it is slight, and the insulation part of the winding will be accelerated; when it is serious, other faults will occur.

4. Overload. Overload refers to the operation exceeding the rated capacity. If the maintenance is not timely, short-term overload operation will cause the temperature of the stator winding to rise, accelerate the aging of the insulation part, and shorten the service life. Long-term overload operation may cause the stator winding to burn out, and eventually cause failures that cannot generate electricity.

5. If the maintenance is not timely, the stator winding turns will be short-circuited. When the stator winding is short-circuited between turns, a ring current will be generated under the action of the short-circuit voltage. If it is not repaired in time, the short circuit between turns may develop into single-phase grounding short circuit and phase-to-phase short circuit. If the multiphase interphase short circuit of the stator winding is not repaired in time, the multiphase interphase short circuit of the stator winding will be the most harmful to the power generation equipment, and the short-circuit current will cause burnout. Single-phase grounding of stator windings When a single-phase grounding fault occurs in the stator windings, current flows through the stator core, which will cause the core to burn, and even cause the core to melt locally.

6. If the maintenance is not timely, the excitation current drops sharply. When the excitation current drops sharply or disappears, a large amount of reactive power will be absorbed from the system, which will be converted from synchronous operation to asynchronous operation, which will cause the system voltage to drop, or even cause the system to crash in severe cases.

Through the above introduction, we believe that everyone is well aware of the damage caused by untimely maintenance of Cummins diesel generator sets. We hope that customers can solve problems in time when they encounter problems. If they cannot be solved temporarily, do not ignore them. Just contact the manufacturer as soon as possible, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will try the beat to repair well your Cummins diesel generator set.

Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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