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The Diesel Generator Set Shall Also Be Replaced With Oil Suitable For Viscosity

Nov. 02, 2022

Recently, the frost of the 24 solar terms has quietly arrived, which is the last solar term in autumn. After entering the frost falling solar term, the late autumn scene is obvious, cold air moves southward more and more frequently, the temperature drops suddenly, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. The temperature in some parts of China has dropped significantly. When the seasons change, not only do people need to change their seasonal clothes, but also the oil used by the diesel generator set should be changed to a suitable viscosity grade according to the local climate conditions.


For diesel generators, the choice of engine oil is very important. The diesel generator set is a high pressure injection electric control generator with high precision of parts, so the generator manufacturer requires users to be strict in the selection of engine oil. This is directly related to the normal use of the diesel generator. When selecting engine oil, it is necessary to select the appropriate brand of engine oil according to the local season and temperature, and pay attention to the two important indicators of engine oil quality grade and viscosity grade. Generally, the instructions for diesel engines specify which quality grade and viscosity grade of engine oil the unit should use, and users should carefully implement them.


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The grade of engine oil represents the level of engine oil additives. For heavy-duty diesel generators, the additives in engine oil play a major role in protecting them. As additives will be consumed gradually over time, users must select oil of sufficient grade to ensure that the generator can be effectively and reliably protected during the entire oil change cycle.


When the diesel generator is used in different seasons, the crankcase and all lubricating surfaces should also be cleaned. The method is to mix lubricating oil, kerosene and diesel oil as washing oil. After the lubricating oil is drained, add washing oil for cleaning. Then, run the diesel engine at low speed for 3-5 minutes, drain the washing oil, and add new lubricating oil.


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