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The Diesel Engine Speed of The Generator Set is Out of Control

Oct. 26, 2023

If our generator set diesel engine experiences a runaway situation, what is the reason and how should we solve it? Below, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment will provide a detailed introduction for users to refer to.

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The diesel engine loses control of speed, suddenly increases, exceeds the maximum rated speed, and makes a loud noise, commonly known as "flying car". The reasons for "flying" include: the fuel injection pump rack is stuck in the maximum fuel supply position. The governor loses its speed regulation function. The viscosity of the oil in the governor is too high or the oil level is too high. The plunger adjustment arm is detached.

When "speeding" occurs, the throttle should be quickly closed. If the fuel supply lever cannot return and the diesel engine reaches its maximum speed, it is often due to the throttle lever or throttle arm being stuck. After taking measures to turn off the diesel engine, the cause of the malfunction should be thoroughly checked and eliminated. If the diesel engine experiences "runaway", the throttle should be quickly closed. If the speed decreases or stalls, it indicates that the governor has lost its regulating effect. After the diesel engine stalls, the governor should be removed for detailed inspection. Firstly, check if there is too much oil, then check if the high and low speed springs are broken, if the flying hammer pin is detached, and if the pressure bearing is damaged. If necessary, the governor can be removed for repair and inspection.

Quickly close the throttle, and if the lever or adjusting gear lever is exposed, it can be directly pulled back by hand. A diesel engine with a pressure reducing valve can be quickly depressurized by pulling the valve handle. Brake at high speed to turn off the diesel engine. Remove the air filter and block the intake duct (do not block it with your hands to prevent burns).

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