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The Damage of Diesel Generator Oil Shell Wear

Nov. 28, 2022

When starting the diesel generator, if the resistance is normal when turning the flywheel of the diesel generator, the fault may be caused by the weak operation of the starter of the diesel generator or the small starting torque. It will prevent the diesel generator from ignition and running. The reason for this fault is generally that the starting resistance of the diesel generator is too large or the starting torque is too small. If the rotation resistance of the flywheel of the diesel generator is abnormal after turning, the fault may be caused by improper assembly torque of the diesel generator.

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After the diesel generator is assembled, the valve clearance is adjusted incorrectly, and the storage battery of the diesel generator is insufficient, resulting in the starter failing to generate the original power. The starter itself is aging or the carbon brush is in poor contact with the copper shaft, causing the starter power to drop. When excessive oil consumption is found, first check whether there is oil leakage at the connection between the diesel generator body and the gear chamber cover, the large plate, the rear cover, the cover and other connections at the side of the traveling wheel. If the above parts are basically normal, and the oil leakage is at the frame position, the oil shell of the diesel generator should be checked, mainly to check that the diesel generator part is at the front end of the oil shell side on the same side with the traveling wheel, and the oil shell of the diesel generator is worn through to form a gap, causing oil leakage.

The normal wear caused by long-term use of the diesel generator engine or the abnormal wear caused by improper maintenance will cause the cylinder liner of the diesel generator engine to form a longitudinal stretch mark, and the cylinder diameter and piston side clearance exceed the specified value, which will reduce the supporting force of the piston ring of the diesel generator engine. Or the twisted spring of the inner support in the oil ring is disconnected at the opening of the oil ring, causing dirty oil scraping and participating in combustion, resulting in serious oil consumption, which is manifested by the difficulty in starting the diesel generator, obvious blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, and serious fuel injection from the respirator. During assembly, the combustion chamber will be in an inverted state due to the inverted direction, which will not affect the starting of the diesel generator, but the oil loss will be quite serious.

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