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The Composition and Technical Principle of High Voltage Generator Set

Sep. 28, 2022

The high-voltage generator set is composed of main generator (with damping winding), exciter, permanent magnet machine and excitation device system. With its excellent grid-connected function, the unit has the advantages of high voltage regulation accuracy, good dynamic performance, small voltage waveform, low energy consumption, high work efficiency and long service life. At present, it has been widely used in major power plants. Systems, ships, petroleum, construction machinery and other industries.

diesel standby generator

High-voltage generator sets have good comprehensive performance and high reliability in any environment. Below, the starlight power generation equipment briefly introduces the technical characteristics of the unit.

1. The winding of the high-voltage generator set is made of special imine film wrapping with high hydrolysis resistance or flat copper wire wrapped by double-layer mica. , The slot is fully filled, the insulation integrity is high, and it has high mechanical strength, high shock resistance and excellent insulation strength; the insulation grade of the stator part of the generator set is F grade, and the rotor part adopts the H grade insulation grade. The insulating material used has the characteristics of no moisture absorption, high dielectric strength and low dielectric loss, and can withstand severe temperature changes.

2. The excitation system of the high-voltage generator set adopts the excitation control system based on the microprocessor-based digital automatic voltage regulator of Basler in the United States or ABB in Switzerland; this type of regulator uses PWM modulation to provide excitation current to the exciter stator, It is more suitable for parallel control operation with other generators or grid systems. The excitation system using the analog automatic voltage regulator can also be configured according to the needs of the user.

3. Standard permanent magnet machine (PMG). It can not be affected by any load changes or load properties, and can stably provide power to the automatic voltage regulator, ensure the stability of the output voltage of the high-voltage generator set, and meet any occasions with high requirements for voltage and waveform.

4. The machine base is made of steel plates welded and annealed. The two ends have a four-width structure, and the middle is an octahedral structure.

5. The protection level of the high-voltage generator set is IP23 or IP54, which can meet the needs of users in various environments.

6. A temperature sensor is installed in the stator winding of the high-voltage generator set to protect the generator. The bearings at both ends are equipped with a temperature measuring element (PT100) for monitoring the operating temperature of the bearing. If the user has special requirements, an air filter can be installed to meet the requirements of using the generator in an environment with sand and dust. Anti-condensation heaters can be installed on special requirements.

7. The bearing structure is double bearing. The front end adopts two sets of bearings, and the rear end adopts a set of bearing structure, which has the characteristics of small vibration, low noise and stable operation.

8. The cooling method is standard with fan self-cooling structure, IP54 can adopt air-air cooling, air-water cooling structure according to user requirements.

The above content is the technical characteristics of high-voltage generator sets. The use of high-voltage generator sets can increase the transmission distance on a certain basis. Because the higher the voltage, the longer the transmission distance, so the set is suitable for long-distance transmission. Secondly, materials such as cast iron and iron core can be saved. Therefore, the majority of users must efficiently configure the power supply system of the high-voltage generator set according to their actual situation and electricity demand before the unit is installed.

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