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The Composition and Function of Diesel Generator Set Each System

Aug. 31, 2022

The diesel generator set is mainly composed of several major systems such as control system, charging system, fuel system, lubrication system, cooling system, intake and exhaust system, and intake booster system. Some customers who are not familiar with diesel generator sets are relatively unfamiliar with these systems and the names of the parts that make up the system, which is not conducive to the use of the generator set. Today, Starlight will introduce to you the composition and function of each system of diesel generator set.

diesel engine generator

1. The composition of the control system: Electronic speed control mechanism or mechanical speed control, starter motor, throttle control. Function: At the same time when the motor starts, the solenoid valve pulls the throttle of the governor to an appropriate position, supplies oil to the cylinder to burn, and makes the cylinder turn on fire.

2. The composition of the charging system: Charger, regulator. Function: Electric-start engines generally have charging equipment, so that the battery can be recharged in time after the battery is discharged.

3. Composition of fuel system: The governor can be divided into centrifugal, pneumatic and hydraulic according to its working principle. The most common is centrifugal. Function: When the diesel generator set is working, its load changes, which requires the output power of the generator set to increase or decrease accordingly. In addition, the frequency of power supply is required to be stable, which requires the rotational speed of the diesel engine to remain stable. Therefore, the general diesel engine is equipped with a governor.

4. The composition of the lubrication system: Lubricating oil pump, lubricating oil filtering device, lubricating oil cooling device, lubricating oil pipeline. Function: Supply lubricating oil to the moving friction surface to reduce frictional resistance, reduce the wear of the parts, and partially cool the friction parts; clean and cool the friction surface; improve the sealing performance between the piston ring and the cylinder wall; for all moving parts Anti-rust effect.

5. The composition of the cooling system: Pump, radiator (water tank), fan, water distribution pipe, body, water jacket in the cylinder head, thermostatic valve. Function: The heat of the high-heat parts is dissipated into the atmosphere.

6. Composition of intake and exhaust system: Valve assembly, valve transmission assembly. Function: The air intake and exhaust process are realized through the valve mechanism, so that the fresh air can be filled into the cylinder in time and the exhaust gas can be discharged from the cylinder in time.

7. The role of the intake supercharging system: The exhaust gas vortex supercharging is to use the exhaust gas energy discharged from the diesel engine to drive the supercharger, compress the air and then send it into the cylinder. The purpose of supercharging is to increase the amount of air entering the cylinder, and to increase the air density in the cylinder under the condition that the volume of the diesel engine remains unchanged, so that the diesel engine can burn more diesel to increase its output power. This is the most economical and effective method.

Understanding the composition and function of each system of the diesel generator set will help you a lot when communicating with professionals, especially when the diesel generator set fails, effective communication with the maintenance personnel can greatly improve the maintenance efficiency.

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