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The Cam Working Durface of Diesel Generator is Severely Worn

Jun. 09, 2023

The valve drive of diesel generator is mainly composed of camshaft, timing gear, rocker arm and rocker arm shaft. Camshaft and timing gear are the main components of the valve transmission assembly, and the opening and closing process of the valve is mainly controlled by them. It is mainly equipped with diesel generator cylinder intake and exhaust cam helical gear or helical gear, camshaft journal and transmission accessories. The position of cams on diesel generator camshaft is arranged according to the Firing order specified by the engine. According to the relative position of each diesel generator cam and the rotation direction of the camshaft, the Firing order of the diesel generator can be judged.

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In order to ensure the reliability of diesel generator fuel injection on time, the camshaft and crankshaft of diesel generator must maintain a certain timing relationship. The contact stress between the cam and tappet of diesel generator is large, the relative sliding speed is high, the lubrication condition is poor, and the working surface of the cam is severely worn. The camshaft of diesel generator is usually made of high-quality steel. Alloy cast iron and nodular cast iron have been widely used in recent years. Most diesel generator camshafts are integral, that is, the inlet and exhaust cams of each diesel generator cylinder are machined on the same shaft.

In the overhead valve mechanism, the push rod is used to transmit the thrust of the camshaft because the camshaft and valve are separated and far apart. The push rod of diesel generator is usually made of hollow steel pipe to reduce the mass. The upper end is a concave spherical surface, in which the ball head of the adjusting screw of the valve rocker arm of the diesel generator is located, and the lower end is a spherical surface, which is inserted into the concave spherical surface seat of the valve tappet. The upper and lower ends are made of steel and undergo heat treatment to improve hardness and wear resistance. The long arm end of the diesel generator is used to push the tail end of the valve. Under a certain valve opening, the maximum lift of the cam of the diesel generator can be reduced, so that the contact surface between the diesel generator and the tail end of the valve can form a cylindrical surface.

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