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The Basic Structure Of Diesel Generator Air Filters

Aug. 24, 2022

The function of the diesel generator set air filter is to filter out impurities in the air to ensure that clean air enters the cylinder. If the intake air is not clean, it will cause early wear of the cylinder liner and piston group parts and shorten the service life of the diesel engine block. Air filters are generally divided into dry filters and wet filters.


The dry air filter does not need to be filled with oil to filter out impurities in the air. The principle is to purify the air by changing the direction of air flow or passing the air through the filter element with micropores.


The filter element of dry air filter generally has two kinds of metal mesh filter element and paper filter element. Generally, after 150 hours of use, these two filter elements need to be cleaned of impurities. After the metal mesh filter element is taken out, it should be cleaned in gasoline and dried with compressed air. After the paper filter element is taken out, the end face of the filter element is generally tapped lightly with a hand or a wooden stick to make the dust and impurities adsorbed on the filter element fall off.


diesel generator set

According to certain technical requirements, organic oil is placed at the bottom of the wet filter housing, the purpose of which is to use the viscosity of the oil to absorb the dust and impurities entering the air in the cylinder. At present, the wet air filter is mostly used on diesel generator sets.


When there is a lot of dust and impurities adsorbed by the wet air filter element, the filter element can generally be placed in gasoline for cleaning and dried with compressed air. After changing the oil, put the dried filter element into the air filter housing.


The generator manufacturer reminds all users that the diesel generator set air filter plays an important role in the generator set. During installation, do not miss, reverse or wrongly install each sealing gasket and rubber connecting pipe, and ensure the tightness of each insert. When using a diesel generator set, you should also pay attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of the diesel generator set air filter.


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