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The Attentions and Methods of Generator Diesel Oil Storage

Oct. 12, 2019

With the progress of social development, a lot of equipment needs electricity to operate. If the power is cut off, it is bound to have a great impact on many enterprises. So people’s requirement for emergency power electricity and standby power electricity is more and more extensive, but diesel generator set is as a complex and large generator equipment, it is a difficult problem to maintain for many unprofessional persons. In this article, Starlight Power generator manufacturer will teach you how to store diesel oil.

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Introducing the merits and demerits of diesel oil storage tank:

1.Iron oil storage tank

This kind of oil storage tank generally is made by 3mm steel plate. Not easily deformed for a long time, but it will rust about 3 years after used.

2.Stainless steel oil storage tank

It is made by 1.2mm 304 stainless steel. It is not rust, but easily deformed.

So how to store diesel oil storage tank that can increasing utilization of diesel oil storage. It is very strict when choose place to put diesel oil storage tank. Recently, many cases because of diesel tank, all because placing many inflammables and explosives. That increasing the harm of  diesel tank. Need to consider many aspects for the place of diesel tank. Firstly, warehouse address need to quantified through risk analysis, can not affect the surrounding enterprises, mines and residential areas. Should ensure the impact of safety distance and risk on surrounding area within the required standard.

3.Storage place and requirement of diesel tank

Diesel oil is flammable and explosive articles, it is not better to store on place where high temperature or intense light is directly irradiate. Avoid irradiation from high temperature in summer. The last, can not have tinder around, and can not have fire and other fire source.

4.Prevention of fire and explosion 

diesel oil is a combustible material, its vapor will burn and blast when it meets an open fire at 60 degrees Celsius, when store, should pay attention to prevention of fire and explosion.


A.No combustibles around the oil tank;

B.Cut off fire source, when loading, unloading and refueling, the flow of fire source and opening fire operation should be controlled, and the barrel lid should not be knocked with iron tools.

5. Attentions

Fire caused by diesel oil, explosion accident, that happens from time to time, and it is harmful to human body. To avoid accidents, when use and store diesel oil, must use 4 preventive measures.

To avoid deterioration, during store diesel tank, it is easy to evaporate, oxidize or mix in impurities, gum level is increased. Start up performance of diesel oil becoming poor can accelerate mechanical wear, reduce service life of diesel oil.


A.Storage containers and diesel oil barrel should keep clean;

B.To reduce diesel oil contact with fresh air, should hermetically store, reduce unnecessary inversion;

C.Pay attention to sunscreen, cooling and temperature changes.

6.Electrostatic prevention

When storing diesel oil, we should pay attention to anti-static electricity. Diesel oil is also a bad conductor. Therefore, static electricity may be generated by friction during transportation and storage. The increase of static electricity may also lead to spark. Therefore, anti-static electricity and timely static electricity generation are necessary for the storage of diesel oil. Relevant anti-static and static electricity conduction measures must be taken.


A.When filling oil into the tank, the pipeline must be inserted into the bottom of the barrel. Static electricity is easily accumulated in the dry air and high temperature season, and the filling speed should be slowed down properly.

B.Do not use plastic barrels to store diesel oil as far as possible, but use iron barrels to store diesel oil. 3. In high temperature and dry season, when engaging in diesel filling operation, try not to wear chemical fiber clothing.

7.Keep clean and avoid dirty

Should clean up containers before store diesel oil, do not store water, residual oil, rust, impurities, etc. The high pressure oil pump and injector of diesel engine are very precise parts, if a little water or impurities enter, they will suffer severe wear and tear. Diesel oil should be fully precipitated and filtered before use, so that remove impurities from diesel oil, generally, it should not be less than 48 hours.

8.Reducing air contact

Because if diesel oil is in contact with air and high temperature, some components of oil will be oxidized, so that increase acid value, colloid and carbon residue. Therefore, should reduce the contact between diesel oil and air. In order to avoid the contact between diesel oil and air, we should do the following: first, store in airtight tank; second, reduce unnecessary back-and-forth inversion between different storage containers to reduce evaporation and oxidation; third, reduce the space of air, and fill the oil in barrels as much as possible.

9.Regular inspection

Must assign management personnel to supervise diesel oil and inspect the safety of diesel oil, and inspect regularly.

There are many things we need to pay attention to in the process of diesel fuel storage, as there are many factors affecting the quality of diesel oil, Starlight Power recommends that do not store diesel oil for a too long time. Use good diesel oil for generator set, can let the generator set work in a good situation and have a long serive life. So it is very important know the attentions and methods to store diesel oil. 

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