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Temporary Repair Methods for Diesel Generator Cooling System Faults

Jan. 09, 2024

The cooling system of diesel generators can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled according to different cooling media. If the heat from high-temperature components in the engine is directly dissipated into the atmosphere for cooling, the device is called an air-cooled system. The device that transfers this heat to cooling water first and then dissipates it into the atmosphere for cooling is called a water cooling system. Due to the uniform cooling, good performance, and low engine operating noise of the water cooling system, the water cooling system is widely used in generator sets at present.

emergency power generator

1. The fan blades are broken. If the fan blades break during driving, it will cause severe vibration of the diesel engine due to unbalanced rotation, accelerating the wear of the water pump bearings. If there are no replacement parts, the piece opposite the broken piece can be removed to maintain balance during operation. After removing a pair of blades, the air volume decreases significantly. The angle of the remaining blades can be appropriately increased to meet emergency use during driving.

2. The water pump seal is leaking. When the water pump is not tightly sealed and leaks while driving, sand cloth can be laid on the glass or flat plate to smooth the water seal surface, or the water seal can be flipped 180 ° for assembly and use. If the thrust rubber ring is damaged, swollen or deformed, the spring elasticity is insufficient, broken, etc., it should be replaced. Do not press the spring tightly during assembly.

3. Thermostat failure. The high coolant temperature of diesel generators is caused by the failure of the thermostat, which slows down the circulation flow rate of the coolant. The thermostat can be temporarily removed and replaced when returning to the station.

4. The water pump is damaged. The damage to the water pump is mostly due to the rupture of the water pump casing or damage to the internal components of the water pump, resulting in the loss of pumping function. If the water pump casing ruptures and leaks, the crack can be cleaned and repaired with adhesive. When there is no adhesive on the way, egg white can be mixed with cement to form a sticky ball and coated on the crack. Wait for a few minutes until the sticky ball solidifies before adding water to avoid being washed away by water.

If the water pump is severely damaged and unconditionally repaired during transportation, an inner tube or bucket can be used as a container to firmly fix it in a certain position on the vehicle. Then use two rubber hoses, one connected to the inlet of the diesel generator and the other connected to the outlet of the diesel engine; Insert the other end of two pipes into the container and secure the rubber hose to prevent it from falling out while driving. Utilize the natural circulation of hot and cold water to maintain the normal temperature of the diesel generator for emergency use, and conduct maintenance after returning to the station.

5. The radiator water pipe is leaking. When the radiator water pipe ruptures and leaks due to vibration or accidents during the use of diesel generator sets, it can be repaired according to its damage. If there is slight water leakage in the heat dissipation pipe, you can put the scattered tobacco into the heat dissipation pipe and use the pressure of water circulation to block the tobacco at the leakage point of the heat dissipation pipe. For temporary use, clean the water pipe and repair the leakage point after returning to the station; If the radiator heat pipe leaks severely, the leaking area can be cut off, and a cotton ball coated with soap can be used to block the cut heat pipe. Then, use pliers to flatten the head of the cut heat pipe, and then roll and press it tightly to stop the leakage.

The above emergency methods are only temporary repair methods for diesel generator cooling system failures during emergency situations. When the repair conditions are met, Dingbo Electric reminds you to immediately use qualified components to restore the damaged parts to their original state.

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