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Technical Characteristics Of Weichai Natural Gas Engine

Aug. 04, 2022

Weichai's monthly production of natural gas engines increased by 10,000 units, updating the historical record of the highest monthly production volume of natural gas engines. In addition, Weichai's heavy-duty truck gas engine is popular in the market with its strong technical accumulation and remarkable characteristics and advantages. The annual sales volume is nearly 50,000 pieces, with a market share of over 60%, making it a well-deserved "dominant" in China's natural gas engine industry.


Since 1999, we have started product research and development. Through 20 years of development, Weichai's natural gas engine types have continued to grow. With solid research and development technology, Weichai is deeply engaged in the natural gas engine vehicle market, and automobile engines are widely used in trucks, passenger vehicles, power generation, ships and other market industries.


Compared with competitors, Weichai natural gas engine has the characteristics of low rotation speed and high torque, and has more advantages in power performance. At the same time, Weichai continued to optimize the key components of gas engines, greatly improving the adaptability of engine operating conditions, significantly reducing equipment failure rates, and ranking among the top competitors in product reliability. In addition, Weichai gas engine fault detection machinery and equipment and various power switches and other components have good versatility and exchangeability with diesel engines, which also ensures the convenience of after-sales maintenance services. Weichai natural gas engine mainly adopts the 0H2.0 system of American Woodward Company. The main technical features are as follows:


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1. The use of electronic pedals improves engine performance.


2. Gas injection, ignition angle, air-fuel ratio and engine load are all controlled by electronic control unit ECU. The ECU determines the opening degree of the electronic throttle valve according to the voltage signal output by the electronic foot pedal. Then according to the engine load, engine speed, intake pressure, gas pressure and temperature and other parameters to calculate the amount of gas injection, determine the ignition angle.


3. Closed-loop control is adopted when the engine is running stably, so that the actual air-fuel ratio is consistent with the theoretical air-fuel ratio.


4. The gas intake mode is electronically controlled single-point injection, and the gas supply is timely and the gas stop is simple.


5. It has the function of accelerating thickening.


6. Using anti-surge technology, when the engine is under heavy load and the pedal is released suddenly, the ECU activates the fuel cut-off function according to the deceleration signal. While the fuel supply is cut off, the electronic throttle valve maintains a certain opening degree, eliminating the possibility of supercharger surge caused by the closing of the throttle valve.


7. The supercharger is equipped with an exhaust gas control valve, which adopts an electronically controlled air release.


8. With overspeed protection function.


9. After the electric key is turned on, if there is no speed signal, the solenoid valve of the gas pipeline will automatically close.


10. It has the function of fault self-diagnosis.


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